Movie Screenings, Daily Yoga, and Nights Out

Movie Screenings, Daily Yoga, and More!


Every day begins with an optional yoga session on a hilltop pavilion overlooking the ocean. When the session ends, some students make their way to the beach for a quick and refreshing dip in the ocean. Then come and enjoy a home-made breakfast prepared by our private hotel chef.

The day is yours to play with! Take a class, join a feedback session, or take some time to lounge in a hammock and write.

When night falls, we’ll have movie screenings under the stars projected on a huge screen, home-cooked dinner at the hotel, or wine and pizza nights at the local beach-front restaurant.

The night is a time for reflection and decompression. This valuable time is built into the retreat to ensure that this is as much a vacation as an immersive writing adventure.