TV Drama Writing

With: Ron McCants



Tuesdays, 10pm-1am, EST

February 9, 2021 - March 2, 2021

4 sessions

Price: $375

Includes free one-on-one consultation

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Back by popular demand!

Join writers from all over the world and your teacher, TV Staff Writer and Development Executive, Ron McCants, for this unique four week Television Drama Workshop. Get ready to dive deep into the structure of the pilot and learn what makes a drama pilot sell. Collaborate live through our special online format. Limited space available.

Welcome To The Writer’s Room

More than just a writing class, our TV Drama workshop gives you the experience of a real writer’s room on a 1 hour TV Drama or Dramedy series. You’ll learn the foundations of creating a successful  TV Drama series, and collaborate on building show ideas and structure with your fellow students.

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to develop a series pilot that shows off your talent as a writer, creates an “engine” for an entire season, and captures the attention of anyone who reads it.

Plus, learn how to succeed in the exciting environment of a real world  TV writer’s room, among a community of writers all working together for a common goal.

Includes 1-on-1 Consultation

This class includes a free consultation with one of our ProTrack mentors, offering you personalized 1-on-1 feedback on your writing to help you take the lessons of the class to the next level. Tell us about your project and we’ll match you with the right mentor.


Upcoming TV Drama Writing Classes

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TV Drama

with: Ron McCants

4 Weeks; Tuesdays, 10pm – 1am EST

February 9th – March 2nd


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  • Louise R.

    This is an opportunity to take a class with an active, real writer who works in a writer’s room.

  • Jason I.

    The class was revelatory for me. I now understand structure in a way that is immensely helpful. The class is more focused on the process of structuring and selling your story, so I think it’s a perfect companion course to Jacob’s classes.

  • Domanique C.

    I would definitely recommend the TV Drama 101 class with Ron McCants, the class is affordable, and you’re able to learn from a staffed TV writer. You will learn how to properly setup a TV show like it’s done in the real world, and leave with the tools needed for the future.

  • Ziyad B.

    I took the TV Drama Intensive this past November. It was a good introduction to how stories are told on television and what to look for in a series. The teacher is experienced and has a lot of optimism so the class never became dull or cynical. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  • Anthony S.

    After working in the arts for nearly thirty years as a writer, musician, and educator, I can honestly say that my one-on-one mentorship with Steve (Molton) has been one of the highlights of my entire creative life. Steve is not only a brilliant thinker and master storyteller, with complete command over numerous writing formats (features, TV, novels, etc.) but also a deeply empathetic, warm individual who cares about people and the world we live in. That combination of traits is truly rare, and I simply cannot recommend Steve highly enough, as someone who will help you in very tangible ways to dramatically improve your ability as a writer and storyteller, while also supporting your overall journey as a human being. If you have the chance to work with Steve, don’t waste time… do it!

  • Geraldine S.

    Steve has been amazing; he has great wisdom and insight. I started ProTrack with him two months ago. The narrative of the feature I’m working on is now falling into place and I am absolutely thrilled. I look forward to finishing the first draft very soon.

  • Alfredo D.

    Steve is an awesome human being! He has not only helped me with structural issues on my television series but he has also helped me to understand the real business of writing. His invaluable experience as a professional writer, professor, and as a Showtime/HBO executive makes him one of a kind. He knows how to evoke my imagination without spoon-feeding the answers. Every session is a gold mine for my work. I’m so grateful to be working with him. Thank you Jacob Krueger!

  • Robin R.

    Steve is helping me enormously as I have embarked upon writing my first TV pilot and bible. He is one of the smartest and most insightful consultants I’ve worked with on this journey. I look forward to every session we have together because I am certain that he will provide thoughtful notes and tangible suggestions from suggestions about character development to plot. Steve is helping me move my screenwriting forward and I am confident that with his mentorship, I will be presenting my best work, when I pitch my project.

  • Sherry M.

    I ended up in Steve Molton’s free meet-up class on a sudden impulse to check out screenwriting. I was so excited and encouraged by Steve my first night, I signed up for his full eight weeks and stayed with him as my mentor. I am now on my way to completing my first screenplay that he insists is a movie!
    He is inspiring and insightful, a real pro whose movies I can actually see, and a tough mentor who forces one to aim higher (and get the damn formatting perfect!). I would have never started a screenplay with such serious intentions had I not been fortunate enough to encounter Steve.

  • Pepi K.

    Steve has been invaluable to me. The more sessions I have with him, the more I can feel my writing improve. He’s got a knack for pulling things out of me and giving me the confidence to find my voice while, at the same time, moving forward with my project. It’s hard to explain, but I wouldn’t be where I am with my script without him.

  • Kerry M.

    I worked with Steven privately after developing an original series in his TV Drama Intensive. Both the class and the session were remarkable. My goals were more than met. I came away with a pilot episode and a rough bible and a whole world of questions to sustain the project over multiple seasons. It was my first time diving into speculative/sci-fi as a genre and I could not have had a more brilliant mentor to witness the work as it grew. Steve is fiercely engaged with the world, morally, humanly, and artistically. He’s nurturing and expansive while having experience and savvy in the industry. His written notes on my pilot were incredibly valuable, focusing on micro choices line by line and meta structural concerns. My pilot has placed for the Sundance Episodic Lab, the Blacklist/Women in Film Episodic Lab, and I have my second meeting with a producer in LA this month who I pitched and has now read the pilot. I have taken many classes along the way and Steve’s was the best, by far. Not only did he get me and excite my writer like no other teacher, but the atmosphere of his “writer’s room” created really special chemistry amongst the participants. I came out of the class with two trusted writers who I trade reads with constantly. He’s incredible.

  • Brent L.

    Steve was incredible to work with. I really appreciated his notes, his patience, his experience and his genuine passion for the story I was telling. I would absolutely recommend him as an instructor and would definitely consider taking another class with him if I could afford it.

  • Lisa B.

    Steve was an incredible teacher. I learned so much from the class and the one on one session. He is an absolute natural when it comes to teaching. Steve was informative, extremely knowledgeable, warm, friendly and engaging. He paced each class efficiently and everyone received adequate time to share their work and to receive feedback. His written feedback was also extremely helpful and thorough. My writing grew tremendously from his class. He genuinely cares about his students and their success. In each session, there was such an enthusiastic vibe. All of those qualities you’d want in a teacher can’t really be taught. But again, Steve is a natural at being a naturally outstanding and gifted instructor. I would definitely take more of his classes. I’m grateful to have been a student at JKS, and for having Steve Molton as a teacher.

  • Jessica S.

    Working with Steve has been invaluable to me as a writer. Whatever story you’re telling, Steve is wholly invested in it – the theme, the voice, the characters – but honestly, what has kept me working with him for so long is his investment in me as a writer and a person – and my work is all the better for it. He is the kind of mentor you need – someone who listens for the story you are trying to tell and challenges you to dig deep to tell it as best you can. He is always willing to field questions that delve into the business of screenwriting – thoughts on coverage (good or bad), agents and managers, bibles, developing a strong body of work – no matter how neurotic I get with those questions. I am incredibly grateful for the Jacob Krueger Studio and its ProTrack program which gives people like me, who don’t currently live in New York or L.A., an opportunity to work with someone of Steve’s caliber.

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