Tarot for Writers

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Grab a cup of tea and settle in for a weekend of digging into your subconscious by virtue of powerful writing exercises inspired by the tarot.

In this class, we are going to throw out the little white book, “LWB”, of card interpretations accompanying most tarot decks and let go of the various prescribed meanings of the cards. Tarot spreads, writing exercises and readings will help us bypass what we think we know, go beyond our egoic mind and learned practice, and tap into our unconscious and the collective unconscious of the writers who have gathered with us.

Each tarot exercise has been developed to strengthen your writing practice, unearth the hidden genius of your work and tap into the specificness that makes you stand out as an artist. You will break through limiting beliefs, generate pages of ideas, develop character and structure for your project and learn about yourself as an artist, all in the spirit of play and discovery with the cards.

No experience reading tarot is required.

You do not need to be currently working on a project to take this class as we will be working on practices that are beneficial for all stages of writing and all levels of writers.

Beginners’ minds encouraged.

Who will benefit from this class?

Tarot reading for yourself and for your characters can be a transformative practice for your growth as an artist and your work.

This workshop is designed for writers who:

  • want to get to know their characters better- what drives them, their obstacles, inner voice, emotional needs and wants
  • desire to connect authentically with their unique voice as an artist
  • would like to explore and develop key character and structural relationships in their work
  • are open to going beneath the surface of conflict to find out what makes their characters tick and how that impacts other characters in their piece
  • need to have clarity in certain scenes or areas of their work
  • don’t know what happens next or “where to go from here”
  • feel their work is in a good place, but want to enrich the character’s journey or transcend limits in their craft
  • wish to discover new themes in their work
  • have no idea what to write, would like to fill pages with new ideas or jumpstart a new project
  • would like to know more about living creatively, their obstacles as an artist and how to connect more deeply to their work
  • are visual and would like to use the cards to enhance the visual language in their work
  • do not consider themselves to be visual and would like to cultivate a visual and/or symbolic language for their work

During the Tarot For Writers Weekend, you can use the cards for:

  • Self discovery
  • Idea generation
  • Breaking through writers block
  • Writing scenes
  • Identifying archetypal relationships and how to go beyond cliché
  • Just. Having. Fun.
  • Developing characters
  • Writing without “thinking” or “needing to know”
  • Uncovering Structure
  • Clarifying Character Relationships
  • Writing Subtext
  • Writing Dramatic tension


  • A tarot deck of your choice. Most new readers start with a deck based on the traditional Rider Waite Smith system as many decks use the RWS structure as the basis for their imagery and interpretation. Using any 78 card RWS system based tarot deck with imagery that speaks to you can be a powerful tool for insight- going with your gut in terms of imagery you connect with is highly recommended. If you are new to tarot or unfamiliar with the imagery in a tarot deck you are considering, a google search will often reveal images, reviews or videos about a particular deck so you can choose imagery to which you are drawn- or head to your local metaphysical supply shop or bookstore where you can pick up the cards and explore them in person. For this class if you are a tarot beginner, it will be easier if you stick to cards based in the RWS system vs. Marseille, Thoth, Lenormand or Oracle Deck systems (although all can work). If you have any questions about a deck you are considering, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.
  • A notebook or journal for writing longhand
  • A favorite writing instrument
  • Colored pencils, markers or media to draw with


  • Marisol B.

    I am so lucky to have worked with Lacy. Her coaching style is firm but gentle. I’ve learned how to talk around situations as a defense mechanism; I certainly was unable to do that with her! I was forced to evaluate my life, address the underlying issues at hand, and make a commitment to take action. She always made me feel like she was listening intently. The questions she posed always made me reflect and sometimes made me uncomfortable, however, I felt vulnerable but protected at the same time. If you’re not challenged, you don’t grow! Our follow-up calls also kept me accountable. I would recommend Lacy to any friend or colleague in a heartbeat!

  • Kim H.

    Lacy coached me through a time of big transition. I wanted to make a major career shift and was floundering with direction. Lacy was able to rein me in and look at taking baby steps. She walked me through a process after which I felt much more in control. The other piece Lacy was phenomenal at was acknowledging where I was and guiding me back to feeling good about my decisions and ability to achieve what I want. Almost a year later, her session still has a positive impact on me. She listens well, is reflective, and really wanted to see me get to the place I wanted to be.

  • Mandy B.

    Lacy provided life coaching services to me. In my discussion with her, I found clarity and self-awareness. Lacy was excellent at listening and guiding our conversation and did so with great warmth.

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