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Jacob Krueger Studio's unique ProTrack Mentorship Program pairs you One-on-One with a Professional Writer, who will read every page you write, and mentor you through each phase of the writing process, from facing the blank page, to building your professional career.

Our mentors include top Professors from the nation's best film schools, including Columbia University and NYU, acclaimed Showrunners, Pulitzer Prize Nominees, and Award Winning Writers with years of industry experience.

And our unique format allows you to meet with them One-on-One from anywhere in the world, every week or every other week, at a fraction of the cost of Graduate School, and on a schedule that keeps you to your deadlines and fits within your real-world life.

I wanted to say thank you for access to your "Getting Past the Gatekeepers" seminar and also write with some good news. I recently closed my first deal (an original teleplay for a major network) and was inducted into the WGA yesterday. I have leaned heavily on Dan throughout this process: from getting my pitch ready to outlining the story beats, to feedback on the first draft. I have been so grateful for all of his fantastic advice. Earlier this year, I wasn't too far from giving up on writing as a potential new career and trying something "practical" like coding (ugh). Thankfully, Dan encouraged me to stick with it. Now, Dan and I are working through a dark comedy that will hopefully round out my writing samples and help me level up.-Anne A.
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Steven not only offered meticulous and thoughtful constructive feedback, but also brought with him some great ideas and sharp instincts. And though my first screenplay was flawed, Steven recognized that I had a strong, comedic voice and encouraged me to bring my weird and idiosyncratic style to the page.-Missak A.
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Steve has been invaluable to me. The more sessions I have with him, the more I can feel my writing improve. He’s got a knack for pulling things out of me and giving me the confidence to find my voice while, at the same time, moving forward with my project. It’s hard to explain, but I wouldn’t be where I am with my script without him.--Pepi K
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Steve has been amazing; he has great wisdom and insight. I started ProTrack with him two months ago. The narrative of the feature I’m working on is now falling into place and I am absolutely thrilled. I look forward to finishing the first draft very soon.--Geraldine S.
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My time with Dan has been extremely helpful, much more so than I could have initially thought. I have seen my writing improve tremendously within a few months. Dan has led me like Virgil through the Inferno and has been instrumental in helping me develop my voice. For that, I am eternally grateful. Plus, he's a really nice guy! I'm a very lucky student.--Corinne M.
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After working in the arts for nearly thirty years as a writer, musician, and educator, I can honestly say that my one-on-one mentorship with Steve (Molton) has been one of the highlights of my entire creative life. Steve is not only a brilliant thinker and master storyteller, with complete command over numerous writing formats (features, TV, novels, etc.) but also a deeply empathetic, warm individual who cares about people and the world we live in. That combination of traits is truly rare, and I simply cannot recommend Steve highly enough, as someone who will help you in very tangible ways to dramatically improve your ability as a writer and storyteller, while also supporting your overall journey as a human being. If you have the chance to work with Steve, don’t waste time... do it!-Anthony S.
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Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions

Meet one-on-one, every week or every other week, with a professional writer who will give you the mentorship you need to take your writing to the next level.

One-on-One Feedback

Your mentor will read your work each week and give you detailed feedback and suggestions to build not only the project but also your skills as a writer.


Take Your Career To The Next Level

Get guidance at every step of your career including pitching, development meetings, how to work with agents and managers and even producing your own work.

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Get 10% discount on every class at Jacob Krueger Studio, including our Screenwriting Intensives & Retreats!

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  • Trevor

    How long and how much is course?

  • Sheila R.

    What an amazing experience! I did the Protrack program with Linda 6 years ago. I was working on my first full-length screenplay. Each time I thought I was finished, Linda pushed me a little further. I’m grateful that she did because it resulted in script(s) that received international recognition and awards! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Linda you are the BEST!!!

  • Erin K.

    I didn’t know I was really a writer until I discovered this fabulous studio/community. I’ve been working with my ProTrack mentor, Linda Roberts for more than 3 years and am confident that I know what I’m doing now. We all have wonderfully creative ideas, but we also need to learn the craft of screenwriting. You’ll learn it here.

  • Anne A.

    Dan’s Protrack mentorship was invaluable for turning around a script that had me completely stumped. Prior to working with Dan, I had an idea I was passionate about and had been thinking about for a long time– but that wasn’t translating onto the page at all how I wanted. Prior to working with Dan, I wrote a full draft that just didn’t work. The tone was wrong, the themes were wrong…. I was feeling completely stuck, and was close to abandoning the whole idea.

    Enter Dan. Dan has the magical ability to help you shape an authentic story, even if you are feeling really, really confused about where you’re going at first. With Dan’s patient guidance, I figured out what my characters really wanted, why they were in conflict, and how their choices would drive the story. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure how the heck I was going to write a whole script… but he advised me to just keep going and see where my characters took me. I am sure glad I listened, because now I have a finished (!!!) script that I’m extremely proud of, that is far beyond anything I could have finished without Dan’s guidance!

    Oh, and did I mention Dan’s hilarious? And great at knowing how to make a mediocre scene really punchy and funny? And also really fun to work with, super encouraging, and about the kindest, most constructive mentor you could hope for? I can’t recommend working with Dan enough. I had a fantastic experience and can’t wait to start a new project with him!

  • Page A.

    I was paired with Keatyn Lee, my writing mentor, well over a year ago, as the best fit for my genres. I have worked with her biweekly in that time. I frankly wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ll tell you what I got: a warm and willing listener, an astute and clever advisor, and an insightful reader. I always leave her room at JK Studios, uplifted, revived, excited and, dare I say it, invincible. I think I’d probably have “cheaped out” and not gone the ProTrack route had it not been for my desperate need for new eyes that I could trust. It’s the best money I’ve spent on myself. I’ve transformed my ho-hum average scripts into compelling content that is being accepted into festivals worldwide. I had no idea what I didn’t know! While you’re sitting on the fence, someone else is in a room at JK Studios, in your chair, writing a brilliant screenplay.

  • Will M.

    Working with Merridith has been amazing. She’s able to take the garbled mess that is the first draft of a screenplay and help you refine it until it actually makes sense. She’s conscientious about structure, and aids in the exploration of character development that is so crucial to a quality script.

  • Monda W.

    JKS takes a holistic approach to screenwriting, whereas other programs stick to the nuts and bolts of screenwriting, Acts and Structure. JKS helped me express my true voice, my inner voice. Not the outer voice that tried to please everyone and be politically correct, but the subconscious, the authenticator. You know truth when you hear it, and when you write it, so do others. I have the utmost support from my teacher and colleagues. Whenever I win a festival they shout me out on social media, send texts, share lots of love. The energy of the studio is a virtual hug.

  • Tara Y.

    Dan Gunderman is a terrific mentor who is a master at constructive criticism. He offers supportive feedback but also spots gaps in your script, spanning anything from formatting to plot holes to character development. Super friendly too! I always left my Protrack sessions feeling like my spirits were lifted because I had a clear path forward in terms of next steps for my screenplay.

  • Herschel M.

    I give full credit to Jacob Krueger Studio for all of my festival wins. It makes you feel like a novice writer can really make it in the industry. Jacob Krueger Studios does not write your story. The studio takes your story and helps you forge it from iron into steel by using critical thinking and analysis. Jacob Krueger Studio and my mentor (Keatyn Lee) helped me gain a level of confidence in my writing; that I did not think was possible. ProTrack does not throw away your ideas. ProTrack does not write your stories. They allow you to express your ideas (no matter how outrageous they might seem) and help you organize them into dramatic works of art. I have worked with several other writing programs that tell you what to do and what to write. Those other programs were generally a recipe for disaster.

  • Taleah G.

    Merridith was an instrumental tool when completing my first screenplay. She has a way of assisting you in your development that leads you to a greater understanding of the story you want to tell. As soon as we wrapped up the final draft of the first script we moved on to the second one! She’s now a vital asset to me.

  • Frank L.

    Karin Partin Wells has been instrumental in helping me advance my writing skills starting from a true beginner to a level in which I can see growth. At times I have felt her too supportive, but her critique is always specific and to the point. I continue to look forward to our sessions.

  • Shelia M.

    I am grateful to be working with Karin as my mentor. She is kind, supportive, substantial in her knowledge and experience, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I appreciate that she makes the process of screenwriting digestible.

  • Erin K.

    After years of studying elsewhere and thinking, “Maybe I’m not a writer – maybe I can’t do this,” Linda got me writing. She creates a nurturing environment in which my fear and hesitation disappear and my terrible writing becomes great. There are fantastic ideas everywhere and Linda helped me find and express mine, combining the art of organic storytelling with the craft of screenwriting. I am grateful for her unique approach and the supportive guidance that enable my success.

  • Erika R.

    I love working with Merridith! She deftly walks me through both the craft and the business aspect of writing. I began the process with some skepticism, but every time I meet with her, I come away so excited to work on what we talked about.

  • Yasser E. H.

    I worked with Merridith for more than a year and in each session, I find myself learning not only new things about screenwriting but also new things about myself. She has the talent to bring the best of yourself and makes sure that you put it clearly on paper.

  • Brooke T.

    Merridith is amazing. I’ve been working with her for a few years and I’ve learned so much from her. Not only is Merridith thoughtful and kind, but she’s brilliant at what she does. She can pinpoint exactly what a script needs and she communicates it very effectively. I truly feel valued when I work with Merridith. She’s taught me to trust myself as a writer.

  • Simone Y.

    Karin has been a godsend. Her intuition, honesty, suggestions and well-honed screenwriting expertise have assisted me time and again in the creation and rewrite of my scripts She is a delight to work with: personable, encouraging, talented, insightful and sensitive. I feel most fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her and give her the highest recommendation possible.

  • Monda W.

    I’ve been involved with ProTrack since 2015. New to screenwriting, the program has helped me grow tremendously as a writer, with a smattering of discipline and structure. I’ve written and published four books, and I was used to lots of real estate to articulate my ideas. However, ProTrack has taught me the beauty of less is more. The true power of words, simple sentences, elegant structure. I read other scripts and raise my eyebrows with shock, not accompanied by awe. I think to myself, ‘they need ProTrack.’ As a result of ProTrack, my first film has won several awards nationally and overseas, and received a ‘Best Script’ award in Marbella at the I Filmmaker International Film Festival in 2015. Truly a testament to the talented teaching staff at JKS.

  • Janice P.

    Linda helped me immensely on how to format a screenplay. I love the process of learning where the instructor reads my work and then gives me feedback about my writing. Linda always goes over my writing line by line, giving me specific feedback.

  • Erin O.

    Keatyn has been my ProTrack mentor for over a year. She is a fantastic mentor. She looks at my script to find where we can work and points out what she enjoyed. She doesn’t laugh at my spelling and grammar mistakes (because of my disability), but instead helps and points it out for me so I know where to correct it. She is so encouraging to me by telling stories of her own struggles breaking into the business and listening to my struggles and figuring out how I can go forward. I look forward to our bi-weekly meeting because Keatyn has helped me to keep on writing and not give up, and provide me with such guidance that is to navigate this industry. You are amazing Keatyn!

  • Noelle W.

    Jerry is the best kind of mentor! In true writers-room fashion, he taught me to work as a team – even when it was just the two of us – breaking stories, finding the smart-funny, and returning for re-writes until the script is exactly where I want it. Hands down – he’s my fav!

  • Cynthia J.

    I walked into JKS 2 years ago. That was the first night of Jerry Perzigian’s Writer’s Room for Comedy. Suffice it to say, I had never attempted to write anything for TV, let alone “comedy”, let alone in a Writer’’s Room environment where I was certain I would feel like a total idiot around other seasoned writers who actually knew what they were doing! From the first moments of that introductory session, as we observed Jerry’s demeanor, on-point humor, and conceptual clarity, I knew, as did everyone else in the room, that we had found “the real deal.” Writing comedy has truly been a life changer for me on so many levels! I’m grateful to be learning from one of the best in the business.

  • Joi D.

    Three lines will be too little for the praise, respect, and admiration I have for Jerry Perzigian! He works with me to make my writing look professional, modern, and not just good, but great. He is patient, and reassuring, and funny! I’m actually going to be able to call myself a comedy writer, and Jerry is the reason.

  • Herschel M.

    ProTrack is giving me the confidence and guidance that I need to be a professional writer. If you had to choose a writing mentorship program, your first and last choice should be ProTrack. I am confident that with their guidance, I will become a full time and successful writer. I can’t say enough good things about the Pro Track writing mentorship program. I can’t see myself ever writing solo without their guidance. Whether you are a new writer or a seasoned pro, stick with ProTrack and you will see your visions become a reality.

  • Ri V.

    Jerry makes it easy to understand what needs work while being supportive. He understands what I want to say and makes suggestions that make it easier for a larger audience to understand that too.
    Absolutely adore him!

  • Sujay P.

    I have been working with Keatyn for the last 8 months. As this is my third screenplay, we had a plan from the get go and she has been extremely helpful in keeping my structure extremely strong throughout each act while challenging me at times to make structural changes to ensure my script has structural continuity throughout each scene. She pays attention to the extremely fine details and provides in depth feedback that has only made my screenplay stronger. Working with her is the quickest I have ever completed a solid first draft.

  • Page A.

    This project, written outside the studio, I hadn’t found you yet…. was suddenly thrust into a festival that promised a network meeting. With a tight deadline, JK Studio and Keatyn Lee, helped me create a series outline, a one sheet, a show bible and guide me through the writing of a second episode. Please understand that all I had was a 23 min short film and an original poorly executed script with a bunch of holes in it. Keatyn Lee helped me make a cool story line out of the holes. THANK GOD for JK Studios. They saved my life on this project.

  • Yen H.

    I have been in the Protrack program with Jacob Krueger as my mentor for a year and half, and I am about to finish my first screenplay. Wow!! As my story goes: I am an Asian American who immigrated from Taiwan to New York in the early 80s. Back then, I spoke little English and couldn’t write a completed English sentence. Five years ago, I took an early retirement from a hospital job. I love stories and watched a lots of movies. I thought it would be nice if I could write a screenplay! I googled the screenplay format and started to write. Two years ago, I finished my first draft but had no idea how good or bad it was and I wanted a thorough and good script consultation. So, I called Jacob Kruger Studio. After read my draft, Jake said he would mentor me. Session after session, I am impressed by his humble and devoted passion to teach. He pays attention to know who I am and what I want to say and he never takes his eyes off the ball (= me and my story). In every session, we discussed the pages I submitted and explored possible other ideas from scene to scene. In each class, the joy of learning and discovery from such an artistic and skillful mentor is endless. I heard such praises from other students to their mentors too. I know there are many books, classes, and lectures about screenplay writing one can attend, but I think, the most fruitful learning is when you take all that knowledge and practice them on writing your screenplay with a qualified one on one mentor. This program has led me to believe that anyone can write a screenplay as you have a strong desire to tell a story with an open mind, even with poor English like me.

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