A Film School Education

That Fits With Your Real World Life

Jacob Krueger Studio’s unique ProTrack Mentorship Program pairs you One-on-One with a Professional Writer, who will read every page you write, and mentor you through each phase of the writing process, from facing the blank page, to building your professional career.

Our mentors include top Professors from the nation’s best film Grad Schools, including Columbia University and NYU, acclaimed Showrunners, Pulitzer Prize Nominees, and Award Winning Writers with years of industry experience.

And our unique format allows you to meet with them One-on-One from anywhere in the world, every week or every other week, at a fraction of the cost of Graduate School, and on a schedule that keeps you to your deadlines and fits within your real-world life.



Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions

Meet one-on-one every week or every other week, with a professional writer who will give you the mentorship you need to take your writing to the next level.

One-on-One Feedback

Your mentor will read your work each week and give you detailed feedback and suggestions to build not only the project but also your skills as a writer.  

Take Your Career To The Next Level

Get guidance at every step of your career including pitching, development meetings, getting representation and even producing your own work.

10% Off All Classes

Get 10% discount on every class at Jacob Krueger Studio, including our Costa Rica Screenwriting Retreat!


Start your ProTrack program today.

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