Comic Book Writing with Ron Marz

Comic Book Writing

With: Ron Marz



Wednesdays, 7pm-10pm, EST

January 19, 2022 - February 9, 2022

4 sessions

Price: $375

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Writing for comics demands a “very particular set of skills,” unlike any other form of writing, but sharing traits of screenwriters and playwrights. The key is being able to think in pictures, and visualize your story in a frozen moment in time of still, single images. Over the four-week class with acclaimed comics writer Ron Marz, you will learn the theory, language, and pacing necessary for writing comics.  


The comic writer’s job is not only to tell a compelling story, but to provide the artist with all the information needed to create the story pages. You will learn proper script format, and come to understand and embrace the demands, limitations and possibilities of the comic page. Time will also be devoted to plot, character arcs, and the art of the pitch, the all-important first step in getting your story approved.


The best way to learn to make comics is to make comics. Over the course of four classes, students will complete a script for a comic short story. Your story will evolve from concept, to outline, to breakdowns, to finished pages with dialogue, culminating in a document ready to present to an artist.


Ron Marz has been writing comics for 30 years, and amassed credits at every major publisher, including lengthy runs on Marvel and DC titles. With more than 1,000 comics published, his array of credits includes Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Witchblade, Star Wars, Batman, Superman, and many more, as well as inventive creator-owned work. He has literally decades of experience in visual storytelling.

Write Your Screenplay Podcast with Ron Marz

Ron and Jake discuss the ins and outs of how to write comics and the differences between writing comics and writing screenplays.


Upcoming Comic Book Writing Classes

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Comic Book Writing

with: Ron Marz

4 Weeks; Wednesdays, 7pm – 10pm EST

January 19th – February 9th


(Need a Scholarship?)

Comic Book Writing

with: Ron Marz

4 Weeks; Wednesdays, 7pm – 10pm EST

March 2nd – March 23rd


(Need a Scholarship?)


  • Wesley G.

    The comic book writing class was better than I could have imagined. Working with one of my favorite writers was really amazing and over the course of the class I learned so much that will help me with all my future writing projects.

  • Xochi17

    COMIC BOOK WRITING CLASS WAS FANTASTIC! Class was detailed, great conversation and instruction. Actually finished class with an actual comic story ready to send to an artist. I’m very happy I signed up!

  • claudef2

    The comic book writing class was wonderful. Ron is a wonderful teacher, and the coordinating staff were supportive.

  • Sean S.

    Ron Marz is an expert in the comic book business and I learned a great deal in this very informative writers workshop. It’s hard to know starting out with comics how to write a professional script. Comic legend Jim Starlin taught him and Ron now teaches us. From how writers set up the pages to working with artists. I think everybody has a story or two and it’s great to know if I hire an illustrator for a comic book they can follow my guidance to convey the story how I want it told. It was also fun to hear about Stan Lee and meet some new people.

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