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Upcomming class dates will be announced soon.

Upcoming class dates will be announced soon.

Upcomming class dates will be announced soon.

The Art Of The Pitch
with Jacob Krueger

STARTS February 6th
1 Sessions; Thursdays, 7pm – 9pm EST

  • I was really impressed with the way Jake presented the story elements, I was always looking at the car for the sake of the car, but Jake opened the hood, took everything apart and put it all back together again. - Brady W
  • Jake brings such an enormous energy, passion and commitment to his teachings. He is so engaging that the time just flies by! What helped me most was actually turning in pages for critique. Getting someone’s view on what I’d written took me out of my own insecurities and helped me to write better! - Julia M
  • This workshop helped me to understand how important the character is and their importance within the film. I learned the fundamentals of writing a screenplay without realizing I was in a class. - Damon A.
  • Jacob is honest and his experience and openness both encouraged me to be honest and open with myself as well as be confident in my abilities. He has amazing energy and it shows with his intricate breakdown of storytelling and screenwriting lessons. - Jimmy M
  • Jake is a powerhouse lecturer! I found his teaching more than helpful and his focus on creative freedom refreshing! He is so positive and makes even looking at the tough parts I’ve written easy and with positive eyes! - Sara C
  • There is a systematic thought process involved in Jake’s classes! I only wish there were more of them! My advice would be, forget any other writing program, go to the Jacob Krueger Studio! - Janice A
  • Jake is energetic and passionate. He approaches writing from an organic place and as a new writer, I feel like I finally have a stronger foundation! - Rachel H
  • Jake is great! Very charismatic and knowledgable. He’s extremely helpful at dispelling the myths about the industry, his humor shows his love of this medium ad how much he loves teaching. - James H
  • Take this class! If you seriously want to write a screenplay, you need to take Jake’s class! - LR
  • I tremendously enjoyed the seven act structure emphasis! Jake is fabulous! - Assita C.

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