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Jacob Krueger Studio offers Screenwriting and TV Writing classes at all levels, and a unique ProTrack Mentorship Program that pairs you 1:1 with a Professional Writer who will read every page you write and mentor you through every phase of your career– all available online, and at a tiny fraction of the cost of grad school.

Online Writing Classes

Develop your art, craft and structure in Screenwriting, TV Writing and Web Series Writing Classes taught by real professional writers. You’ll learn to transcend the formulas not only to create a marketable script, but also to capture your unique voice on the page.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all of our classes and mentorship sessions are streamed live and also recorded for your convenience.

Online Writing Classes
with Jacob Krueger

It all starts here. Award Winning Screenwriter and Studio Founder Jacob Krueger’s screenwriting workshop is the foundation of everything we teach at the studio. Learn 7 Act Structure, an organic approach to building your script, and a whole new way of thinking about screenwriting and TV writing. 

Includes 1 on 1 consultation.

STARTS June 6th
4 Sessions; Tuesdays, 7pm – 10pm EST


with Jacob Krueger​

In this 4 Week TV Writing Class with Studio founder, Jacob Krueger, you’ll develop an organic approach to developing your pilot, engine, and series bible. Whether you’re working on a TV Drama, TV Comedy, TV Dramedy, Miniseries or Web Series, you’ll learn the crucial elements that make a series successful. 

Includes 1 on 1 consultation.


STARTS July 11th
4 Sessions; Tuesdays, 7pm – 10pm EST



with Lisa D'Amour

In this new 4 Week Playwriting class with Broadway playwright and Pulitzer finalist Lisa D’amour, you’ll develop an organic approach to writing your play or one-person-show. 

Whether you’re working on a traditional play or a genre defying work, you’ll learn how to externalize your internal instincts, understand playwriting structure in an intuitive and visceral way and create a powerful journey for yourself and your characters.      Includes 1 on 1 consultation.

Upcoming class dates will be announced soon.

with Ron McCants

Join writers from all over the world and your teacher, TV Staff Writer and Development Executive, Ron McCants, for this unique four week Television Drama Workshop. Get ready to dive deep into the structure of the pilot and learn what makes a drama pilot sell. Collaborate live through our special online format. Limited space available. Includes 1 on 1 consultation.

Upcoming class dates will be announced soon.

Tarot for Writers

with Lacy Daigle

Grab a cup of tea and settle in for a weekend of digging into your subconscious by virtue of powerful writing exercises inspired by the tarot.

In this class, we are going to throw out the little white book, “LWB”, of card interpretations accompanying most tarot decks and let go of the various prescribed meanings of the cards. Tarot spreads, writing exercises and readings will help us bypass what we think we know, go beyond our egoic mind and learned practice, and tap into our unconscious and the collective unconscious of the writers who have gathered with us.

No experience reading tarot is required.

Upcoming class dates will be announced soon.

Write Your Screenplay
Weekend Intensive

If you’ve been eager to pursue your passion for writing but unable to commit to weekly classes, this weekend-long workshop is for you!

The Write Your Screenplay Weekend Intensive is ideal for writers seeking ways to breathe new life into their writing while also balancing the demands of a busy lifestyle. Includes 1 on 1 consultation.

Upcoming class dates will be announced soon.

TV Comedy Writing - Level 1

Imagine a TV Writing class run just like a real writer’s room, taught by an Emmy award-winning showrunner with over 25 years of industry experience on hit shows like The Golden Girls, Married With Children & The Jeffersons—and featuring the work of 12 talented student writers. Includes 1 on 1 consultation.

Upcoming class dates will be announced soon.

Taught by Studio Founder, Jacob Krueger, The Master Class is a film-school level program that fits your real world life. One Sunday, every month, you’ll come together with a group of writers as dedicated as you are, to push the limits of your art and your craft as a writer. From the intricacies of 7 Act Structure, to the intuitive art of Meditative Writing, to the nuts and bolts of how to build your career, The Master Class will guide you to discover who you really are, and who you can be, as a writer.

$350/month (12 Session Commitment)

$450/month (6 Session Commitment)

The Workshop pairs you with an intimate group of writers, at your level, who will challenge and inspire you. Under the mentorship of a Jacob Krueger Studio faculty member, you’ll meet twice a month, hitting your deadlines, sharing and workshopping your pages, getting helpful and incisive feedback and developing, along with your group, the skills you need to become a professional writer.

Starts at $350/month (12 Session Commitment)

$450/month (6 Session Commitment)

Meets One Saturday Per Month; 12pm-6pm EST

Prerequisite: Write Your Screenplay or Break Through Writers Block or Permission of Instructor

The Writing Lab is an experimental workshop dedicated to only one thing: the development of your voice as a writer. Using cutting edge writing exercises drawn from hypnosis, psychology, meditation, entrepreneurial theory, tarot, acting, improv and many other diverse fields, you’ll open new doorways to getting your unique voice on the page.

Designed for writers of all genres, including screenwriters, tv writers, playwrights, novelists, memoirists & short story writers.

$350/month (12 Session Commitment)

$450/month (6 Session Commitment)

Jacob Krueger Studio’s unique Pro-Track Mentorship Program pairs you One-on-One with a Professional Writer, who will read every page you write, and mentor you through each phase of the writing process, from facing the blank page, to building your professional career.

Our mentors include top Professors from the nation’s best film Grad Schools, including Columbia University and NYU, acclaimed Showrunners, Pulitzer Prize Nominees, and Award Winning Writers with years of industry experience.

And our unique format allows you to meet with them One-on-One in NYC or from anywhere in the world, every week or every other week, at a fraction of the cost of Graduate School, and on a schedule that keeps you to your deadlines and fits within your real world life.

Colleagues are a wonderful thing, but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done. — Junot Diaz


At Jacob Krueger Studio, we are fortunate to have the finest writing instructors, mentors, and coaches on our staff. Our entire team is comprised of industry professionals with extensive experience and diverse backgrounds in all genres, which allows us to offer instruction on virtually any idea, script, and aspect of career development.

We're serious about writing.

Our mentors are dedicated to the mission of Jacob Krueger Studio, helping you develop your authentic voice as an artist and build a writing lifestyle to successfully achieve your creative goals. They will handle your project with great care while assisting you in producing your best work and progressing in your career.
Finding the right instructors to work with is an essential part of your growth as a writer. We’re confident you’ll find our team offers you all the tools you need on the road to becoming the best artist you can be.
Please schedule a call to speak with our admissions team and we’ll be happy to chat with you about your writing goals, answer any questions, and help you create the writing path that’s right for you.

To learn more about our incredible team, check out their bios below!

Jacob Krueger
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Novel/Memoir, Playwriting, Web Series
Keatyn Lee
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Web Series
Ron McCants
Specialty: TV Drama
Jerome Perzigian
Specialty: Web Series, TV Comedy, Screenwriting Comedy
Ron Marz
Specialty: Comic Book Writing
Linda Roberts
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Novel/Memoir, Playwriting, Web Series, Nonfiction Prose, Poetry, Musical
Lisa D'Amour
Specialty: Playwriting
Dan Gunderman
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Web Series
Jonathan Redding Screenwriter Mentor at Jacob Krueger Studio
Jonathan Redding
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Playwriting, Screenwriting Drama
Christian Lybrook
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Novel/Memoir, Web Series
Steven Bagatourian
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Web Series
Karin Partin Wells
Specialty: Screenwriting, TV Writing, Web Series
Audrey Sussman
Specialty: Writers Block, Hypnosis for Writers
Ramfis Myrthil
Specialty: Producing, Film Production
  • I was really impressed with the way Jake presented the story elements, I was always looking at the car for the sake of the car, but Jake opened the hood, took everything apart and put it all back together again. - Brady W
  • Jake brings such an enormous energy, passion and commitment to his teachings. He is so engaging that the time just flies by! What helped me most was actually turning in pages for critique. Getting someone’s view on what I’d written took me out of my own insecurities and helped me to write better! - Julia M
  • This workshop helped me to understand how important the character is and their importance within the film. I learned the fundamentals of writing a screenplay without realizing I was in a class. - Damon A.
  • Jacob is honest and his experience and openness both encouraged me to be honest and open with myself as well as be confident in my abilities. He has amazing energy and it shows with his intricate breakdown of storytelling and screenwriting lessons. - Jimmy M
  • Jake is a powerhouse lecturer! I found his teaching more than helpful and his focus on creative freedom refreshing! He is so positive and makes even looking at the tough parts I’ve written easy and with positive eyes! - Sara C
  • There is a systematic thought process involved in Jake’s classes! I only wish there were more of them! My advice would be, forget any other writing program, go to the Jacob Krueger Studio! - Janice A
  • Jake is energetic and passionate. He approaches writing from an organic place and as a new writer, I feel like I finally have a stronger foundation! - Rachel H
  • Jake is great! Very charismatic and knowledgable. He’s extremely helpful at dispelling the myths about the industry, his humor shows his love of this medium ad how much he loves teaching. - James H
  • Take this class! If you seriously want to write a screenplay, you need to take Jake’s class! - LR
  • I tremendously enjoyed the seven act structure emphasis! Jake is fabulous! - Assita C.

Want to learn more?

Give us a call at (917) 464-3594 or schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Email: info@writeyourscreenplay.com
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