Have a whole script ready to go, but need some feedback you can trust before you start sending it out to production companies?

Know you need a rewrite but don’t know where to start?

Lost in your second act?

Sometimes you need the time to ask questions related only to your writing, and the specific challenges you are facing.

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration.

Set up a private session with Jacob Krueger
or one of our professional writing coaches, and all the time is focused on you.

We will help you identify what is working in your writing, focus on your true intentions for your project, and to figure out a gameplan for taking your script to the next level. He will help with structure, theme, character, dialogue, and action, helping you to come up with solutions to road blocks, and perfect what is already strong in your writing.

We will offer advice about marketing your script and building your professional life.

We will help you navigate difficult relationships with producers, and show you how to integrate producorial notes while maintaining the artistic quality of your project.

Whether you are a professional writer looking to perfect a script that you love, or a beginning writer who is just starting out, a private script consultation session gives you an unprecendented level of feedback, and all the resources of an award-winning writer, channeled into your passion project.

Find The Right Mentor For Your Script Consultation

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Call: 917.464.3594

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We like working with artists and strive not to leave writers behind over money.

If you need a payment plan or another arrangement to participate in our programs, we are happy to help.

Chat us or give us a call at 917-464-3594 and we will figure out a plan that fits your budget.

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