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The newest way to study at Jacob Krueger Studio, The Workshop pairs you with an intimate group of writers, at your level, who will challenge and inspire you. Under the mentorship of a Jacob Krueger Studio faculty member, you’ll meet twice a month, hitting your deadlines, sharing and workshopping your pages, getting helpful and incisive feedback and developing, along with your group, the skills you need to become a professional writer. 
We have some workshops focusing only on specific genres, like TV Comedy, TV Drama, Feature Films, Plays, or Novel Writing. And other workshops covering all genres, to which you can bring literally anything you’re writing. Some meet online only, some in person only, and some are available for both in person and online students. 
Want to be matched with a Workshop Group? Chat into our website, email [email protected] or give us a call at 917-464-3594 to discuss your goals and your writing, and we’ll get you matched with the right group.
To allow the group to grow together and create the continuity required to teach at the highest level, all Workshop Groups require an initial commitment of at least 6 months.

12 Month Commitment

Join us for a full year and save money.
$ 350 Per Month
  • Live in NYC or Online

6 Month Commitment

6 consecutive months of creative writing workshops.
$ 450 Per Month
  • Live in NYC or Online
The Writing Lab is designed for writers of all genres, including screenwriters, tv writers, playwrights, novelists, memoirists & short story writers. You must be nominated by one of our faculty members in order to join this workshop. Please ask your studio mentor how you can be a part of The Lab.
If you are not a current student of Jacob Krueger Studio, please schedule an admissions interview by calling (917) 464-3694 or clicking the Schedule Interview button below.

the writing lab
the writing lab

The Writing Lab is team taught by Jacob Krueger, top Jacob Krueger Studio faculty members, and guests artists from a myriad of fields. This is where our faculty brings their most cutting edge techniques. One month, you might be using hypnosis to connect to your characters’ inner needs. Another, using meditative writing to get your writing flowing. Another, drawing on techniques from improv to develop snappy dialogue, using the tarot to get in touch with archetypes, or drawing on your dreams to find the unconscious motivations that drive your writing.

The class meets one Saturday a month. Through 6 hours of innovative and experimental writing exercises, lectures and exploration, you’ll learn to blow the lid off of what you thought your writing could be, banish writer’s block forever, find inspiration in an instant, connect to your unique voice as a writer and discover the heart of your story and your characters.

And did we mention pages? You’ll generate a ton of them!

Answers to Common Questions

Who Should Join The Writing Lab?

The Writing Lab is a class dedicated to creating the state of excellence that all artists seek called “Beginner’s Mind.” so whether you’re just starting out as a writer, or are an experienced writer looking to take your writing to a new place, The Writing Lab will not just change your writing, it will also change your life.

Designed for writers of all types, including screenwriters, playwrights, poets, novelists, and writers of any other genre, here are just a few of the many benefits of this approach:

  • Breaking through Writers Block & Procrastination
  • Uncovering the Real Emotional Underbelly That Drives Great Stories
  • Discovering Your True Voice
  • Creating More Provocative Dialogue, Images and Action
  • Developing an “Inspiration on Command” Writing Schedule
  • Injecting Joy Into Your Writing Process
  • Getting in Touch With Your Characters
  • Finding the Heart of Your Story
  • Discovering Theme
  • Natural Subtext
  • Opening Up Your Creative Side
  • Learning How To Write Even When You Can’t Find a “Quiet Place”
  • Connecting Yourself To Your Characters and Story Even If You Are Working On Assignment
  • Writing Cooler, Bigger, More Intense and Compelling Scenes
  • Learning To Love Your Weirdness and Understand Its Value
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Feeling Free and Successful Every Time You Write
  • Fun!
When Does It Meet?

The Writing Lab generally meets the second Saturday of each month, from 12-6pm, with some exceptions (usually for holidays). Here’s the full class calendar. (note–sessions more than 4 months in the future are subject to change).

Who Teaches The Writing Lab?

The Writing Lab is team taught by Jacob Krueger, as well as prestigious guest speakers from the Jacob Krueger Studio faculty and guests artists from a myriad of fields.

What’s the Difference Between The Writing Lab and Your Other Classes?

The Writing Lab is an experimental workshop dedicated to only one thing: your development of your voice as an artist. Rather than worrying about the final product, The Writing Lab helps put your conscious goals aside, and instead comes at writing from a different angle to help you discover who you really are as a writer. Using techniques ranging from Meditative Writing to Hypnosis, you’ll develop your voice and your process as a writer.

You’ll learn to connect to the emotional truth of your writing and your characters, how to break through the inner blocks, procrastination and fear that cut you off from your best writing, and how to generate the kind of material you can be proud of without waiting for inspiration to strike. And did we mention pages? You’ll leave each class with a ton of them that you can hone and shape throughout the rest of your writing month.

Can I take The Writing Lab and a Write Your Screenplay Class or ProTrack at the Same Time?

Yes, in fact we highly recommend it.  Combining The Writing Lab with Protrack or other classes in our program offers you a chance to combine the best of both worlds, concentrating first on the art of generating that great material, and then on the craft of shaping it into the story you’ve always dreamed of telling.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

Many writers find that their writing is instantly flowing with the very first session of The Writing Lab.  Others find it more like yoga or learning piano, a practice that requires repetition and patience.  Since each class includes up to 3 hours of writing exercises, you can depend that you will generate a ton of writing, and develop a practice to defeat procrastination, overcome fear, and get in touch with your writing without having to wait for inspiration to strike.

Should I Take This Class Online?

Writing classes are about trust, community, and real-time give and take between student and teacher, so we’ve designed our online classes give our online students the same personalized experience as the students in the room.  Our LIVE video stream allows you to see and hear everything as if you were with us in person.  You can even ask questions and get them answered instantly by the instructor. Plus, we keep video-on-demand replays of every session online for a full month after the class ends, so you can watch and rewatch them on your own time and your own schedule.  All you need is a computer and a high speed internet connection.

What If I Have To Miss A Class?

As with all courses at Jacob Krueger Studio, you never have to worry about missing a class, no matter how busy your schedule.  Whether you take The Writers Lab in person or online, you’ll have access to unlimited video replays for a full month after the class ends, so you can watch and rewatch anytime, from anywhere in the world, and use these techniques every time you sit down to write.


  • Gabriela E.

    Thank you, Jacob, for such an exhilarating and inspiring workshop! Your enthusiasm is contagious, the workshop’s focus offered clarity, paths towards our goals, and a myriad of ideas. Christian Lybrook’s feedback was also resourceful, and the spirit of our community expressed in the comments and breakout rooms delightful.

  • Jamie B.

    Jacob Krueger Studio’s TV Comedy Workshop is excellent! Jerry Perzigian teaches the class and he is so insightful, encouraging and funny that you can’t help but improve your skills, meet great writing colleagues and have a blast. I’m a beginner and wasn’t even planning on undertaking this type of writing but now I can’t wait to take my new pilot outline ( yes, you will create your own by the end of the class) to the next level and hopefully have it produced! Thanks to everyone at JKS ( shout out to David for his tech support), I look forward to my next class!

  • Kelly F.

    No matter which course/workshop/intensive I have chosen over the years, it’s always been a supportive, results-inducing, and FUN! experience! This is where I most love to learn. Rewarding and worth it, all the way. Jerry’s comedy writing course is a fantastic whirlwind and massively inspirational. His experience is a privilege to watch in action!

  • Patricia S.

    I just finished my first workshop at Jacob Krueger Studio and it couldn’t have gone better. I did a class with Jacob and really loved the unique way in which he analyzes story and structure. The class is designed to teach you to approach your script from a less conventional and more open way, with really surprising results. I totally recommend it.

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