Steven Bagatourian


Since winning Grand Prize in the international CineStory Screenwriting Competition at only 20 years old, Steven Bagatourian’s career as a professional screenwriter now spans over two decades. He co-wrote AMERICAN GUN (IFC, 2005), a film that was nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Picture. Steven also co-wrote ALL EYEZ ON ME (Lionsgate, 2017), the landmark biopic of rap icon Tupac Shakur, which debuted in theaters with an opening weekend of over $26 million dollars. He has a major studio film scheduled to begin shooting next year from Warner Bros/Alcon Entertainment (THE BLIND SIDE, BLADE RUNNER 2049).
Steven has sold scripts to 20th Century Fox, Echo Lake Productions, Mandalay Entertainment, New Crime Productions, and many others. He has worked with a host of world-class talent including Denzel Washington, Charles Stone III, Amanda Seyfried, Forest Whitaker, Donald Sutherland, and Dr. Dre. Steven lives and writes in Los Angeles.

  • Without your class I am very sure I wouldn't have finished my pilot, or it would've taken much longer. Your class was a very big help in completing that phase of the project. My manager read the first two acts before the class and then the draft of the script after and he said he's never seen so much growth and improvement over two drafts. He called it stunning.-D. Shepherd
  • Steven not only offered meticulous and thoughtful constructive feedback, but also brought with him some great ideas and sharp instincts. And though my first screenplay was flawed, Steven recognized that I had a strong, comedic voice and encouraged me to bring my weird and idiosyncratic style to the page.-Missak A.
  • Steve has been AMAZING. The session with him was pretty game-changing for me. Felt like it did more for more writing in 2 hours than 8 years of a bad cycle of weak prescriptive screenwriting books, etc... He inspired the hell out of me.  We're going deep on a full re-write. Pushing the characters. Letting them talk more.  Making the whole thing more punk rock driven. Punching up our descriptions, finding more coded dialogue and less non-subtexty, on the nose stuff. All the good stuff. But mostly he just got me excited about writing, about being myself, getting weird(er), letting it all hang out in the best possible way. It was a MAJOR shot in the arm.--Josh S.
  • I've worked with several screenwriting mentors, but none of them come close to the care, quality, and insightfulness that Steven brings to the table. He is able to pin-point precisely what's holding your writing back and put you in the right emotional mindset to fix it. I hope any writer struggling with self-doubt has the chance to work with Steven because he will level you up in ways you didn't think were possible. He has my highest, 5-star recommendations.--Ryan C.
    247 W. 35th St, 6th Flr New York, NY 10001
    Email: [email protected]
    Call: 917.464.3594

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