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It takes a village to write a TV Comedy Series.

Real TV Comedy & Dramedy series are not written by a single writer, but by a team of talented collaborators all pooling their resources. That’s why this workshop is designed to teach you to develop your pilot just like a real writers room, with Emmy-Award Winning Showrunner Jerry Perzigian (Married With Children, The Jeffersons, The Golden Girls, Frasier, The Nanny) playing the role of “Showrunner” and 8 Talented Student Writers playing the role of “Staff Writers.”

Develop your TV Comedy/Dramedy pilot.

When it’s time to workshop YOUR show, you’ll collaborate with your showrunner and your fellow staff writers on everything from ideas to structure, just like in a real writers room. Then get an opportunity to go off and write your pilot, get feedback and take it to the next level with the whole group.

Learn how to work in a TV Comedy Writers room.

Succeeding in a TV writing environment is not just about being a great writer. It’s about being a great collaborator. That’s why in addition to learning to write a great pilot, you’ll also discover the skills you need to succeed as a staff writer in a professional writers room, and eventually run your own show.

About the Showrunner/Instructor

With more than 25 years of Hollywood experience, Jerome Perzigian has been a showrunner, writer, and producer on some of the most successful half-hour series in history, including “The Jeffersons,” “The Golden Girls,” “Frasier,” “The Nanny,” and “Married…with Children.” He’s been nominated for three Emmys and won one in 2004. He has worked with, for, and alongside some of the biggest, most successful names in the the medium, in virtually every half-hour genre: smart shows, silly shows, black shows, white shows, kid shows, sports shows, sketch shows, and a couple that defy rational explication.

In addition to his position at Jacob Krueger Studio, Jerry has taught television-writing at The University of Chicago as a Visiting Professor three separate academic years. In 2010, he was dispatched by Sony Pictures Television to Moscow to supervise production of the Russian version of “Married…with Children.”


The class meets twice a month, generally from 3-4 hours depending on the number of enrolled students.

Unlike an informal writer’s group, our workshops are moderated by top professional working screenwriters, who are experts not only in writing but also in education. Your mentor will guide the feedback, helping the students learn not only how to receive notes, but also how to give them in the most effective ways. Your mentor will also help you make sense of conflicting notes, and help you synthesize all the suggestions you’re receiving into actionable steps, so that you’re servicing the story you want to tell, rather than just the loudest voices in the room.

Each student will workshop their show once per month, on an alternating schedule. During your approximately 50 minute period, the focus of the entire class will be on your project. You choose how the class spends their time on your project. You can share pages to be read aloud and receive feedback from the mentor and your fellow students, ask questions, practice a pitch or whatever else will most benefit your writing.

The TV Writers Rooms are run like real writers rooms, and only serve TV projects in either the hour long or half hour format. They are most beneficial for students working exclusively in half hour TV Comedy or hour long TV drama, who want to develop skills for working in a writers room. Workshops are more valuable for students who wish to generate work and receive feedback in a variety of formats: TV Comedy, Drama and Dramedy, Feature Film, Limited Series, Short Films etc.

No experience is required to attend the All Levels workshop, however there is an application process. The Advanced workshop is designed for advanced, emerging professional, and professional level writers.

It takes time to bring your writing to a professional level, and class continuity really matters in this format, so we ask students to commit to a minimum of 1 year (most stay for much longer). There is a 6 month option at a higher rate for students who cannot commit to the full year.

If you can’t attend live, you can watch replays of any class you wish. However because students are dependent on each other for feedback, habitual absences will lead to you being removed from the class.

To apply, schedule a zoom meeting with James Kautz, our admissions director. He will help you determine if the class is right for you, and guide you through the application process.


Participant Agreement

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