Write Your Screenplay

With: Steven Bagatourian



Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm, PST

July 24, 2024 - August 14, 2024

4 sessions

Price: $375.00

Includes free one-on-one consultation
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Write Your Screenplay

With: Jacob Krueger



Tuesdays, 7pm-10pm, EST

September 3, 2024 - September 24, 2024

4 sessions

Price: $375.00

Includes free one-on-one consultation
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It all starts here. In 2005, I taught the first version of this screenwriting class in my living room. It has since become the foundation of everything we teach at Jacob Krueger Studio.

To me, it’s more than just a screenwriting class. It’s a place where writers of all levels of experience can come together to build a community, and where you can develop not only a mastery of the craft, but also an authentic voice as an artist.

So, whether you are a new writer or a seasoned professional, come with your biggest dreams and an open mind, and allow me and my faculty to show you a new way of thinking about screenwriting that breaks out of the tired old formulas and pushes past your own inner censors.

You may find that you don’t just change your writing but also change your life.

— Jacob Krueger


Rather than imposing formulaic models from the outside, you’ll learn to organically “grow” your script, from initial idea, to character, to scene, to act, to the movie you’ve always dreamed of writing.


Whether you’re a young writer picking up the pen for the first time, or an old pro looking to inject new life into your writing, this exciting four week workshop will teach you a whole new way of looking at the fundamentals, and help you integrate your artistic goals into your real world life.


Experience our mind opening in-class writing exercises, designed to get you writing and keep you writing. Under our careful guidance, you will learn how to get your creativity flowing at will, to create the kinds of scenes that you’ve always wanted to write.


Our groundbreaking approach to feedback fosters a close-knit community of fellow writers, whose only goal is to support you in yours. Together, you’ll discover a new form of feedback that keeps the focus on what really matters: your story and how you want to tell it.


This workshop will teach you more than just great writing. It will prepare you to make writing a permanent part of your life. Along the way, you’ll learn how to overcome writer’s block, self doubt, procrastination, and other obstacles to build the writing life you have always wanted for yourself.


  • Michael S (verified owner)

    Jacob is energetic and to the point. He’s helped me understand and develop my own technique, offering his way of writing as well as his friend’s. He doesn’t have an ego and doesn’t care if you write HIS way, all he cares about is that you write, and often. And if it’s not going well, write even more, as badly as you can, just to keep going because eventually something good will come out of it. It’s a ton of fun learning from him, even if you’re stuck in LA and have to watch it online like me 🙂

  • Sarah Lyons

    A tour de force. Super fast on his feet, super generous, enthusiastic. Great stuff.

  • Shawn

    Jacob was fantastic; Exceptionally informative and like Ms. Shinover. Among one of my best teachers ever.

  • Bill G

    I loved Jake’s advice on building structure through my character’s wants. It actually was easy to apply to a script I’m revising–most specifically creating obstacles and torturing my characters. He is a tour de force, he thinks quickly on his feet, and he’s super generous!

  • Tony P

    This course demystified the screenwriting process for me. Jake was very knowledgeable, helpful and a pillar of movtivation to the students.

  • Linda K

    Jake has a fantastic energy, he offers new ways of seeing my characters that had previously not occurred to me.

  • Raymond A

    Jake gave me a very clear overview of the road ahead. He taught me how to break down the info into smaller spoon fed nuggets.

  • Anthony S

    Jake helped me as a writer to take more risks, he gave me the confidence to turn any subject into a story. He makes writing fun and interesting–I want more!

  • Liana S

    Jake is engaging, interactive and has an enthusiastic delivery. He’s very passionate about what he does!

  • Jon B

    Jake motivated me, he gave me goals which pushed me to write!

  • Jenn H

    I love Jake! He helped me to focus on the art instead of the paradigms that surround writing. The tools he gave me were easy to apply to my craft.

  • Umit S

    Jake has a great teaching style that helped me even though I’m a beginner. He gives great commentary as well as encouraging feedback.

  • Shelia R

    Jake helped me to structure my scripts, which was very problematic for me. He was easy to understand and had a great energy.

  • Gene D

    Jake helped me understand structure as well as character wants and needs. He was awesome!

  • Jimmy M

    Jacob is honest and his experience and openness both encouraged me to be honest and open with myself as well as be confident in my abilities. He has amazing energy and it shows with his intricate breakdown of storytelling and screenwriting lessons.

  • Ros B.

    Jake is fab! He provides an over-arcing structure and support for writing that really helps me in my writing of my own screenplay!

  • Lacy D

    Jake has such a fantastic energy! It’s like is Spielberg and Cruise from Magnolia came together and had a baby, that would be Jake! He’s approachable and helps build confidence! I believe I can do this!

  • Lander

    Jake helped me to fill in the gaps since I’ve returned to writing, his enthusiasm helped me form a new approach to my writing.

  • Joe A

    Jake helped me to focus more on what my stories were about. I just wish that it were more than four weeks long…

  • Yohana D

    Jake is a natural teacher, he is incredibly knowledgeable and delivers the information in a way that is memorable!

  • Linus R

    Jake is a genius! I feel lucky to have studied with him!

  • Julia M

    Jake is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his field! He is able to answer any question and break down any problem to make it easier to understand and tackle!

  • Petra S.

    Jake helped me burst my writers block and gave me ways to deal with my inner critic! I’m already spreading the word around town!

  • David B.

    I love how Jake gives examples of what works and what doesn’t in movies. Everyone who is a screenwriter should attend this class-it’s the best!

  • Tarin S

    Jake is great at bolstering confidence. He says to learn and to not be afraid to fail, just get started!

  • Stellios M

    I didn’t know how to write a script and after working with Jake I know formatting and now I’m moving right along!

  • Sara C

    Jake is a powerhouse lecturer! I found his teaching more than helpful and his focus on creative freedom refreshing! He is so positive and makes even looking at the tough parts I’ve written easy and with positive eyes!

  • Rumene T

    The teacher was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, he helped guide the logical side of my process.

  • Lorenzo D

    This teacher is amazing! He motivates me using examples to better illustrate his points.

  • Lawrence B

    This professor is a very cool guy who knows his craft and obviously enjoys his work. He gave me confidence to pursue my passion even further!

  • Elizabeth S

    This teacher is great, he’s thorough, enthusiastic and encouraging. He helped me with my character development and finding the through-line for my story.

  • Lauren L

    This class helped to motivate me to write everyday. He encouraged me with guidelines rather than rules and helped me to notice things about structure and character so it becomes more second nature on my own!

  • Ani S-K

    The lectures really helped me get to the heart of my characters and feel less self conscious about getting messy. This has made my writing much stronger!

  • Kim P

    I liked learning about screenwriting and used this information to help me decide if this truly is the path for me.

  • Alexa D

    Jake was extremely engaging. I’m very new to this and it helped me approach screenwriting in a way I didn’t expect.

  • Janine M

    I loved the energy Jake brought the class and the genuine passion he has for nurturing the writer in each and every student!

  • Elaine Y

    The energy and ease with which content was generated made it much easier to learn and comprehend the study and art of screenwriting.

  • Daniela Garcia Marquez (verified owner)

    Taking Jake’s “Write your screenplay” along with Jessica’s “Meditative writing” was the perfect combo and what it took to give me that necessary push into writing like no one ever did before. The fact that english is not my first language was not an issue at all. Both teachers were always respectful and attentive, and created a cool trusting environment between everyone that were taking their class. Can’t wait to go back to NYC and take more classes with Jake.

  • Andrea

    This class helped me to understand the character’s journey and how best to bring that out.

  • Tom

    Jake is an amazing instructor! He’s great at making you understand the qualities needed for a great script!

  • Jordan

    I love the positive and individual approach! Jake is inspiring!

  • Emelyn

    Jake’s lectures are informative, well-structured and engaging!

  • Holly

    Everything you write is in one way or another uniquely you. Even the bad writing leads to the good stuff eventually!

  • Dean

    I really enjoyed the way Jake approached the idea of “no right way to write a screenplay”.

  • Rebecca

    I liked learning about this style of writing

  • Louise

    Jake has a candid understanding of human experience and that comes through in his acceptance of his students and in cinema.

  • Alice

    Jake taught me how to develop a ‘writer’s lifestyle’.

  • Mary

    Jake is a great teacher! He’s terrific at conveying his knowledge and enthusiasm for film and writing.

  • Liz

    I finally had the opportunity, through Jake, to write through without expectations.

  • William

    I love the atmosphere here! Very calm, nurturing and safe!

  • Diane O

    Jake has the ability to cover a lot of material and still be enthusiastic! He inspired me to write, he is a one-man motivational team!

  • Janice A

    There is a systematic thought process involved in Jake’s classes! I only wish there were more of them! My advice would be, forget any other writing program, go to the Jacob Krueger Studio!

  • Armina

    Jake has a method to his madness, I thoroughly enjoyed him!

  • Sean S

    Jake is a great speaker and an equally great listener! He outlines what’s beneficial and helped me to decide what is important in my piece.

  • Michael M

    Jake inspired me! He taught me a lot that I didn’t know before.

  • Seth M

    I would tell anyone that this place is truly beneficial if you really want to FUCK YOUR DAY JOB and WRITE YOUR SCREENPLAY!

  • Diana H

    Jake helped me to learn about structure and to focus on the characters ‘wants’.

  • Rachel H

    Jake is energetic and passionate. He approaches writing from an organic place and as a new writer, I feel like I finally have a stronger foundation!

  • Sam B

    Jake is inspirational and thought provoking, he helped me to better structure my ideas!

  • Adrienne L

    Feeling like I was light years behind the curve was quickly dismissed by Jake who encouraged me to do my best and trust my voice!

  • Sandra N

    Jake really helped with dialogue and its’ relation to an actor.

  • Rayna W

    Jake helped me write action so much better than I did before his class.

  • Julia M

    Jake brings such an enormous energy, passion and commitment to his teachings. He is so engaging that the time just flies by! What helped me most was actually turning in pages for critique. Getting someone’s view on what I’d written took me out of my own insecurities and helped me to write better!

  • Sam B

    Jake is very inspirational and thought provoking. He will help you get your ideas structured and his advice will help your writing in ways you can’t even begin to imagine!

  • Adrienne L

    Jake is an amazing teacher! His information is IMMEDIATELY helpful. As a new writer, I felt that others were lightyears ahead of me, it’s good to know that we’re all really on the same path.

  • Sandra N

    I really got a lot from learning about description, action, dialogue and act structure.

  • Rayna W

    Jake helped me to write Action better than I ever did before!

  • Dhruv K

    I love it when Jake says, “I’m gonna push you harder”. It makes me truly feel his investment in my success!

  • Darius D

    I love learning about character development and the structure of an act.

  • Kristin

    Jake gave me the inspiration and the empowerment to start writing again!

  • Randa

    I got to see how intricate a screenplay is, and I love watching the elements come together.

  • Marvin A

    Jake kickstarted my writing with intention again, thank you Jake!

  • Bill M

    With Jake I gain more insight into my characters and I learn more every step of the way

  • Brandon P

    I discovered the weak points and parts with more precise ideas and language, not just amping things up.

  • Henry G

    This is the best screenwriting workshop I’ve ever taken!

  • Linda R.

    I’m learning to trust my intuition as a writer, this is very important!

  • Dom C

    This class will change your perspective for the writing process and make it achievable!

  • Jack D

    Structure must come organically!

  • Tisha F

    Interesting and inspiring as well as motivational!

  • Felicia B

    I soaked up Jake’s information like a sponge, I’ve also applied it to reading more scripts and gaining personal insight.

  • James T

    Jake inspires writers to be motivated to write!

  • Paula D

    You’re kick-ass and knowledgeable!

  • Connie W

    Inspiring, insightful & informative!

  • Laura P

    Very entertaining presentation with useful and practical content!

  • Gerry H

    Jake dispelled the overwhelming feeling of screenwriting for me!

  • Rebecca O

    Jake simplified the complex!

  • Alex A

    I Learned how to complete a movie!

  • Harry H

    Jake helped me to focus better, stay on track and work on writing the character.

  • Chad R

    Jake helps to provide the groundwork for how to write a movie, I no longer feel like I’m shooting in the dark.

  • Kevin D

    I have more trust and confidence in the unknown. I no longer ‘have to know’ everything, I just trust my intuition!

  • Shelah M

    Jake expanded my learning of basic screenwriting to now include the 7 act structure.

  • Vinny

    This is the ideal place for writers who need help opening up!

  • Tanvi D

    Jake’s lectures are insightful and profound. I literally learned something every second of class and that helped me to clarify my understanding of story. It helped me to consolidate everything I have read and clarify what I knew and more importantly what I didn’t know about screenwriting!

  • Maggie S

    Jake is clear and enthusiastic. I would recommend this class to playwrights as well as screenwriters!

  • Carrie P

    Jake teaches in a way that is super informative–be prepared to take notes!

  • Naledi

    Jake taches a seven act structure that stopped me from writing haphazardly. He is eye-opening and insightful!

  • Angela S

    I loved Jake’s energy and how he approaches the seven act structure!

  • Harry H.

    Take it! You’ll definitely learn something!

  • Cary P

    I loved all the technical info on film structure and the background info on film production.

  • Ashley A

    I like the unique approach to film using a seven act story structure.

  • Jane R

    The description of the character’s journey is very engaging and dynamic.

  • Carolyn C

    Jake’s delivery is amazing, such a great orator, full of analogies between writing and life.

  • Victoria V

    I like the opportunity to workshop a complete script, as well as hear other people’s work. I learn how to give feedback as well as receive.

  • YJK

    A very comfortable and well managed atmosphere. Everyone was nice and helpful with their criticism.

  • Sujay P

    Jake is very attentive, working hard to help really strengthen each writers’ script. I encourage you to take this class!

  • James H

    Jake is great! Very charismatic and knowledgable. He’s extremely helpful at dispelling the myths about the industry, his humor shows his love of this medium ad how much he loves teaching.

  • Jason P

    Jake helped me to think about the content that I’ve already written but have delayed getting back to, as well as what I can delay from them.

  • SP

    The feedback and help that Jake provides is awesome!

  • Jonathan M

    Jake provides a learning experience, he’s blunt while being open minded.

  • Orlando P

    All the information was so inspiring and interesting, take notes you’ll learn a lot!

  • LR

    Take this class! If you seriously want to write a screenplay, you need to take Jake’s class!

  • Sasha

    I now know where to go with my main character!

  • Assita C

    I tremendously enjoyed the seven act structure emphasis! This instructor is fabulous!

  • Alain A

    Expect to do some reading in this class, but it’s all worth it for what you gain in knowledge!

  • Anon

    Jake is great at helping to highlight what doesn’t work and get rid of it!

  • Claire I

    Jake is great at breaking down current films to illustrate points so I could understand, I also loved the feedback from fellow peers.

  • Jay S

    Jake’s enthusiasm and razor sharp vision cut clearly to the heart of the issues discussed. He brilliant, and I’m making an understatement.

  • Ben W

    Jake helped me to think about story in a whole new way.

  • Caroline D

    Jake got me considerably unstuck, I’m thinking in a new way and on a whole other level.

  • Frank I

    Jake showed me how to use emotion to write a story, which for me was new because it’s my first foray into writing.

  • David M

    This class is great for a beginner, it’s chock full of info and examples!

  • Joshua G

    This class woke me up out a dormant writing period and got me thinking the way a writer should think!

  • Sandy G

    I love the workshopping aspect! The diverse styles give me a selection of ways to think about things!

  • Melinda P

    You won’t find a better teacher or coach than Jake! He’ll take your writing to the next level!

  • Joane C

    This is a great nurturing environment for all levels, there are no rules, just suggestions.

  • Hafsteinn S

    Simple. If you want to be a writer, take this class.

  • Maggie W

    I have an MFA in Creative Writing and a completed manuscript, with Jake’s class I learned how to adapt it to film!

  • Jaron N

    It’ll be the best investment you make for screenwriting.

  • Anon

    Jake’s class helped me to get started on my project, it gave me new ideas of how to approach the structure of my script and more freedom in my writing.

  • Donna G

    I love Jake’s enthusiasm, honesty and his ability to inspire! I’m finally making headway on my script and I can truthfully say that I learned a lot!

  • Susan B

    Jake’s positivity is so overwhelmingly encouraging. He’s truly inspirational.

  • Joyce R

    For the first time I’m writing with a purpose.

  • Maureen C

    This course gave me a starting point, it gave me conceptual ideas that I was able to put to use immediately.

  • Astrid V B

    I love the energy, clarity and of course all the information!

  • Paolo J

    I didn’t expect to actually achieve any results but Jake helped me to see the hidden realities.

  • Brady W

    I was really impressed with the way Jake presented the story elements, I was always looking at the car for the sake of the car, but Jake opened the hood, took everything apart and put it all back together again.

  • David B.

    Took Jake’s class three times. This guy is the real deal. Great mind, generous with his time.

  • Ellen Orchid

    Jake is a superb teacher. He has vast experience in screenwriting and teaching of the craft of screenwriting. He communicates clearly and with warmth and humor. He knows how to convey info and help students improve their work. He helps expands minds and builds writers. He is very generous as a teacher and a human being. You will have the comfort of finding the support you crave and an artistic home. Highest recommendation. You will also meet talented, ambitious peers who will inspire you.
    All the teachers I’ve worked with at Jacob Kruger Studio are excellent.

  • David F.

    I listened to his podcast for about two years before enrolling in my first class, and it was every bit as fantastic as I hoped it would be. I am always really adamant about teaching myself creative arts and not spending money for someone to teach me something, I’m a bit of a cheap-o, but being a part of this class was an experience that moved me, motivated me, taught me so many valuable things, and I would say this goes beyond just a simple “educational” class/atmosphere. This was mentorship that helped growth feel organic, and the community is such an amazing thing to be part of. Just try it, and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Casheka F.

    I have learned so much as a new writer from this class. I feel encouraged to continue writing and to continue learning ways to develop my skills as a writer.

  • Bella S

    So glad I accidentally stumbled into Jacob Krueger’s Write Your Screenplay class. I learned more in one class with Jake than in years of reading books about screenwriting. Jake is a galvanizing teacher, one you won’t forget. I even had an epiphany of sorts. I was doing an assignment after (as usual) much procrastination, when it dawned on me: THIS is subtext! I was actually writing subtext and doing it well for the first time. I felt like Helen Keller when she said wa-wa. It had never registered in my brain before. This class is inspiring, provoking, hands-on, and the best kind of inciting incident for your writing career. It’s also a blast. You’ll have fun, which is the best way to learn.

  • Rosemary Zibart

    I loved this course. Jacob is such an enthusiastic warm generous instructor who really is willing and eager to go to wherever the student is. And help that student develop what they. want to do. He’s also extremely insightful about what makes either TV series or screenplays work and reach audiences. And why others don’t. It’s a fantastic course!!!

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