Write Your Screenplay Level 2

Write Your Screenplay Level 2



10 Week Screenwriting Intensive
Available in NYC and Online.


- Monday Nights 7-10pm EST Jan 29 - Apr 9 (no class on Feb 19) with Merridith Allen

Take your writing to the next level, by developing your mastery of spellbinding action, conflict-infused scenes, unique dialogue and easy-to-access story structure. With a realistic, no nonsense approach based on the psychology of the reader and the neuroscience of visual storytelling, you'll morph your craft into the most effective tool in your arsenal.

Prerequisite: Write Your Screenplay or Meditative Writing or Permission of Instructor.


Take Your Writing To The Next Level

Now that you’ve learned the foundations of structure in Write Your Screenplay, now it’s time to take the Art of your Craft to the next level in this Level 2 Screenwriting Workshop.

Get Ready To Master The Art of The Craft

While most screenwriting classes try to juggle both the art and the craft of writing at the same time, this class takes a different approach, focusing first on developing the practical techniques and muscle memory you need to write the strongest and most professional execution of every scene in your script, and then mining for the art underneath.

You’ll learn everything formatting techniques, to the most visceral ways of creating action, dialogue and structure so that you can capture the attention of your audience from the very first page.

Get Your Script Into The Fast Lane

Mastering the art of the craft not only allows you to establish yourself as a professional from the very first page, but also helps you to write faster and more efficiently. First drafts start looking like third drafts and your writing becomes more fun and free.

Whether you’re a newer screenwriter looking to develop your skills, or an emerging professional looking to take your career to the next level, this class is the fast, fun, and effective way to develop the tools you need to succeed as a writer.

Choose The Format That’s Right For You!

Write Your Screenplay, Level 2 is available in a unique LIVE ONLINE FORMAT, that allows students from all over the world to participate as if they were in the room!

Can’t make a class? No problem! You’ll also get Free Video on Demand replays for every session, so you can watch and re-watch on your own time and schedule, for a full month after the class ends!


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