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Keatyn Lee is a New York city based Screenwriter and Television writer. In addition to a full slate of TV and Feature projects, her feature film “Fool’s Day” is currently in pre-production with Newline Cinema and Class Five Films (and we can’t wait till we can tell you who’s attached!)

Keatyn has been a finalist in the Sundance/Youtube New Voices Lab for her web series “High Mom” which she co-wrote with Jacob Krueger Studio faculty member Karin Partin Wells.

Keatyn studied film production, directing and screenwriting at The School of Visual Arts before moving on to work in production. She has experience in both feature and television including The Sitter, Being Flynn, A Late Quartet, the Lifetime Pilot Modern Love, and Bored to Death Season 3.

Keatyn is passionate about taking comedy to the darkest possible places and creating intricate and diverse characters within her work.


  • Keatyn Lee pays attention to the extremely fine details and provides in depth feedback that has only made my screenplay stronger. Working with her is the quickest I have ever completed a solid first draft. - Sujay P.
  • I was paired with Keatyn Lee, my writing mentor, well over a year ago, as the best fit for my genres. I have worked with her biweekly in that time. I frankly wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ll tell you what I got: a warm and willing listener, an astute and clever advisor, and an insightful reader. I always leave her room at JK Studios, uplifted, revived, excited and, dare I say it, invincible. I think I’d probably have “cheaped out” and not gone the ProTrack route had it not been for my desperate need for new eyes that I could trust. It’s the best money I’ve spent on myself. I’ve transformed my ho-hum average scripts into compelling content that is being accepted into festivals worldwide. I had no idea what I didn’t know! While you’re sitting on the fence, someone else is in a room at JK Studios, in your chair, writing a brilliant screenplay.--Page Cooper A.
  • Keatyn is a fantastic mentor. She looks at my script to find where we can work and points out what she enjoyed. I look forward to our bi-weekly meeting because Keatyn has helped me to keep on writing and not give up, and provide me with such guidance to navigate this industry.--Erin O.
  • Keatyn is always positive when I am negative about my writing or ideas. She takes my ideas and shows me a way to expand them into something that really works.--Herschel M.
  • I came into the class with pretty serious writers' block and the need for a new approach. Keatyn's class busted my blocks wide open and get me inspired. Whether you're an experienced writer or a beginner, this class will be extremely valuable.--Andrew N.
  • Working with Keatyn was wonderful! She really motivated me to develop my script by offering practical tools, and advice based on her industry experience. As an actor primarily, I feel comfortable with character and dialogue, but Keatyn really provided the overall script structure that I was seeking to learn. I definitely recommend taking her class!--Lauren S.
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