Write Your Screenplay Level 2

Write Your Screenplay Level 2
Write Your Screenplay Level 2

Write Your Screenplay: Level 2

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Click here for more class options.

Designed for students who have already completed Write Your Screenplay: Level I or writers with experience writing feature films, television, web series or shorts, this class will transform the way you think about screenwriting.

Develop a 7 Act Structure For Your Script.

Building on the techniques taught in Level I, you’ll learn how to organically develop each act of your script, transcending the formulas and creating a structure for your character’s journey that tells the story you want to tell, in the way only you could tell it.

Take Your Craft to a Professional Level.

Learn advanced methods for engaging the inner eye of your audience, high-level formatting techniques, and the most visceral ways of creating action, dialogue, and structure that capture the attention of your audience from the very first page – while holding on to the instincts that distinguish you as a writer.

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Learn the Art of Revision.

Expanding upon the 4 phases of writing learned in Level I, you’ll discover how to focus your revision at each stage of the process and  revise your script without losing that initial spark, how to land endings that aren’t working, ways to refine characters and dialogue to attract A-list talent as well as deal with notes, coverage, and the commercial demands of the industry without losing your voice as a writer.

Build Your Career.

Uncover the secrets of winning contests and festivals, tricks to use on page one that will stop readers from skimming and make them want to read to the end, how to get past the gatekeepers, and how to pitch your script in ways that make producers, managers, and agents salivate!

Get One-on-One Feedback on Your Work.

Receive a complimentary ProTrack mentorship session with a professional writer and get industry-level, one-on-one feedback on your writing as well as direction on achieving your goals, included with the class.

Attend in NYC or LIVE ONLINE.

Attend Write Your Screenplay: Level II in person at our NYC studio or through our unique Live Online format that allows students from all over the world to participate as if they were in the room!

Can’t make a class? No problem! You’ll also get Free Video on Demand replays of every session for unlimited viewings on your own time and schedule. All replays will be available for a full month after the class ends!


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Bruce C.
Linda— I’ve been wanting to tell you for quite some time now. I think you’re a fabulous teacher (The bees knees). You have a unique style and what comes through most of all is your generous, nurturing and wise instruction. It is a massive gift and I feel so lucky to know you and be your Student. I have learned so much! Your kind words and notes have left me with a great deal of encouragement and fuel to keep working on the craft! My very best and warmest gratitude to you!

Paulette S.
Linda is responsible for molding me into a storytelling machine. She helped pull the images from my head and put on paper while building craft elements in me along the way. I would not be the writer I am today without the foundation elements she helped to instill in me.

Janice P.
Linda has a lot of experience with screenplays and would give me ideas on what to say when I would get stuck. Her ideas were very helpful and I can now refer back to them and get new ideas on my own.

Erin K.
After years of studying elsewhere and thinking, “Maybe I’m not a writer – maybe I can’t do this,” Linda got me writing. She creates a nurturing environment in which my fear and hesitation disappear and my terrible writing becomes great. There are fantastic ideas everywhere and Linda helped me find and express mine, combining the art of organic storytelling with the craft of screenwriting. I am grateful for her unique approach and the supportive guidance that enable my success.

Kate G.
I’m writing to express what I appreciate about our time working together: This week I finished the first draft of Myrna of Minnapaw Township. Last night I went through the entire mss to make notes about revision (time, transitions). The sections written during our time together (“ours”) differed markedly from the sections written in the months after (“after”). “Ours” were episodic without scaffolding but they contained the essence of everything. “After” had intros, settings, time plus the essence. As I left “ours” and continued into “after”, I experienced great appreciation for how you worked with me, my process, and my writing: You acknowledged what was strong in the work and encouraged me all the time. You mentioned lightly what was absent but only once. Because of your approach, I was able to begin a work of fiction without self-consciousness. By the time I was working by myself, I was able to provide more meat for the essences. These past months I worked hearing, as needed, the echo of your reasons for encouraging me. Thank you!

Albert B.
Sincerest thanks for your wisdom and light these six weeks. I’ve learned so much that I’ve already put into regular practice, and my craft is all the better for it.