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jacob krueger studio write your screenplay

Web Series Workshop

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Create Your Own Web Series.

Why wait for the greenlight when you can develop and produce your own show today?

Join web series writers and filmmakers from throughout the world in a real world online writers room environment, where you can pitch your stories, develop your characters and craft your structure to create a web series you can produce no matter how small your budget.

Learn The Secrets of Web Series Success.

Creating a successful web series is about more than just writing great episodes. It’s about learning to understand how the interwoven arts of writing, casting, direction and production come together to build success.

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Develop an Engine For Your Web Series.

At the center of every successful web series is a powerful engine, that drives each character, each episode, and each season to create an experience that keeps your audience coming back for more. You’ll learn how to develop the engine for your series, from initial idea, to characters, to pilot, to seasons, so that each episode, and each character can serve the greater whole.

Experience a Real Writers Room.

The best Web Series are not created in a vacuum, but rather through a collaborative process where writers, actors, directors and producers share ideas to create the best possible product. That’s why our Web Series workshop is run like a professional writers room, allowing you to share story ideas, characters, jokes, arcs, and structure not only for your own series, but also for the work of your fellow writers! Join from anywhere in the world through our live video conferencing service, and get free replays for a full month after the class ends!

What You’ll Learn.

Web Series are a new and fastly growing form of filmmaking. In this course, you’ll learn about how a typical web series is developed, from mapping out characters, to pitching plots and stories, to figuring out themes and arcs for the series. With an experienced instructor and the help of your fellow writers, you will generate content which you are able to produce yourself.

Need a Payment Plan?

We like working with artists, and are happy to figure out a payment plan that fits your budget. Just reserve your spot with a $179 deposit above. You can either pay off the balance after the first class, or space out your payments in smaller installments. For more info or to set up a plan, give us a call at 917-464-3594.


  • Jake’s lectures are insightful and profound. I literally learned something every second of class and that helped me to clarify my understanding of story. It helped me to consolidate everything I have read and clarify what I knew and more importantly what I didn’t know about screenwriting!
    --Tanvi D.
  • I loved Jake’s advice on building structure through my character’s wants. It actually was easy to apply to a script I’m revising–most specifically creating obstacles and torturing my characters. He is a tour de force, he thinks quickly on his feet, and he’s super generous!--Bill G.
    --Bill G.--Bill G.
  • Linda— I’ve been wanting to tell you for quite some time now. I think you’re a fabulous teacher (The bees knees). You have a unique style and what comes through most of all is your generous, nurturing and wise instruction. It is a massive gift and I feel so lucky to know you and be your Student. I have learned so much! Your kind words and notes have left me with a great deal of encouragement and fuel to keep working on the craft! My very best and warmest gratitude to you!--Bruce S.
  • The best "how to screenwrite" class I've found yet. I've spent the past two years studying, full time, everything that I could find, and you presented ideas in class (such as visual specificity) that I haven't encountered anywhere else.--Quentin E.
  • I tremendously enjoyed the seven act structure emphasis! Jake is fabulous! - Assita C.
  • Take this class! If you seriously want to write a screenplay, you need to take Jake’s class! - LR

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