Challenge Check In #3: Make Your Last Week Count

Challenge Check In #3: Make Your Last Week Count

Can you believe it? Only one week left until the end of the 2013 Screenwriting Challenge! Haven’t picked up the pen yet?  What are you waiting for?  That’s the great thing about the challenge, you can start anytime. So grab your journal, find a pen, and start writing right now.  Start writing as fast as you can, finish your 3 pages, and you can call yourself a writer today. Challenge yourself to keep up the rhythm for the next 30 days, and you’ll be shocked at how it changes your writing life. In the meantime, get ready to party with us!  Because the annual CHALLENGE PARTY & Cold Cuts Reading Series is happening on Feb 7th!  Come mingle with your fellow writers, drink great craft beers, see readings of some fabulous student scripts, and win Screenwriting Prizes, including a FREE month of Pro-Track! Finally, mark your calendar for these fabulous upcoming classes and events, in NYC or ONLINE, including my upcoming Write Your Screenplay classes, and my new seminar on the Art of the Pitch: SELL YOUR SCRIPT! (Without Selling Your Soul) on Feb 6th!  


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