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Whether you’re writing a TV Drama, TV Comedy, Dramedy or Web Series pilot, a great TV Series Pilot must do more than just tell a great story.

It must suggest a blueprint for every episode that follows: a model for a unique structural engine that will generate the same genre experience, in a slightly different way, episode after episode and season after season.

In this TV Pilot Weekend with Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger, you’ll learn how to master the art of the pilot, develop the characters, the structure, and the engine of your series, and put it all into a package that will make producers salivate.


What People Are Saying

  • Jake is very inspirational and thought provoking. He will help you get your ideas structured and his advice will help your writing in ways you can’t even begin to imagine! - Sam B.
  • I loved Jake’s advice on building structure through my character’s wants. It actually was easy to apply to a script I’m revising–most specifically creating obstacles and torturing my characters. He is a tour de force, he thinks quickly on his feet, and he’s super generous! - Bill G.
  • Jake is a great speaker and an equally great listener! He outlines what’s beneficial and helped me to decide what is important in my piece. - Sean S.
  • There is a systematic thought process involved in Jake’s classes! My advice would be, forget any other writing program, go to the Jacob Krueger Studio! - Janice A.
  • Jake’s lectures are insightful and profound. I literally learned something every second of class and that helped me to clarify my understanding of story. It helped me to consolidate everything I have read and clarified what I knew and more importantly what I didn’t know about screenwriting! - Tanvi D.
  • A tour de force. Super fast on his feet, super generous, enthusiastic. Great stuff. - Sarah L.

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  • Ros B

    Jake is fab! He provides an over-arching structure and support for writing that really helps me in my writing of my own screenplay!

  • Jimmy M

    Jacob is honest and his experience and openness both encouraged me to be honest and open with myself as well as be confident in my abilities. He has amazing energy and it shows with his intricate breakdown of storytelling and screenwriting lessons.

  • Gene D

    Jake helped me understand structure as well as character wants and needs. He was awesome!

  • Sheila R

    Jake helped me to structure my scripts, which was very problematic for me. He was easy to understand and had a great energy.

  • Umit S

    Jake has a great teaching style that helped me even though I’m a beginner. He gives great commentary as well as encouraging feedback.

  • Jenn H

    I love Jake! He helped me to focus on the art instead of the paradigms that surround writing. The tools he gave me were easy to apply to my craft.

  • Jon B

    Jake motivated me, he gave me goals which pushed me to write!

  • Linda S

    Jake is engaging, interactive and has an enthusiastic delivery. He’s very passionate about what he does!

  • Anthony S

    Jake helped me as a writer to take more risks, he gave me the confidence to turn any subject into a story. He makes writing fun and interesting–I want more!

  • Rebecca O

    Jake simplified the complex!

  • Gerry H

    Jake dispelled the overwhelming feeling of screenwriting for me!

  • Laura P

    Very entertaining presentation with useful and practical content!

  • Connie W

    Inspiring, insightful & informative!

  • Paula D

    You’re kick-ass and knowledgeable!

  • Harry H

    Jake helped me to focus better, stay on track and work on writing the character.

  • Rayna W

    Jake helped me write action so much better than I did before his class.

  • Sandra N

    Jake really helped with dialogue and its’ relation to an actor.

  • Emelyn

    Jake’s lectures are informative, well-structured and engaging!

  • Jordan

    I love the positive and individual approach! Jake is inspiring!

  • Tom

    Jake is an amazing instructor! He’s great at making you understand the qualities needed for a great script!

  • Andrea

    This class helped me to understand the character’s journey and how best to bring that out.

  • Diane O

    Jake has the ability to cover a lot of material and still be enthusiastic! He inspired me to write, he is a one-man motivational team!

  • Darius D

    I love learning about character development and the structure of an act.

  • Dhruv K

    I love it when Jake says, “I’m gonna push you harder”. It makes me truly feel his investment in my success!

  • Sandra N

    I really got a lot from learning about description, action, dialogue and act structure.

  • Adrienne L

    Jake is an amazing teacher! His information is IMMEDIATELY helpful. As a new writer, I felt that others were lightyears ahead of me, it’s good to know that we’re all really on the same path.

  • Raymond A

    Jake gave me a very clear overview of the road ahead. He taught me how to break down the info into smaller spoon fed nuggets.

  • Michael S.

    Jacob is energetic and to the point. He’s helped me understand and develop my own technique. He doesn’t have an ego and doesn’t care if you write HIS way, all he cares about is that you write, and often. And if it’s not going well, write even more, as badly as you can, just to keep going because eventually, something good will come out of it. It’s a ton of fun learning from him, even if you’re stuck in LA and have to watch it online like me

  • Robert

    This class felt like going to an action park and riding a speedy track train. I never experienced in my life a writing class I wish I could have taken 20 years ago. Well, I’m here. Never too late.

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