VIDEO – How To Find a Great Character

How To Find a Great Character

By Jacob Krueger

All writers, at some point in their careers, have found themselves feeling disconnected from their characters.

These are the hardest time to be a writer. When the characters aren’t talking to you, the dialogue isn’t flowing, and you feel cut off from your character’s journey, and your creativity as a writer.

Often, when writers are feeling disconnected in this way, they turn to formulas to try to pull them through– as if craft alone could make up for a lack of connection.

It’s like planning the perfect date… for someone you’re not in love with!

No matter how much craft, planning, and structure you apply, until you find a way to tap into the characters you really want to write about, your writing is always going to feel flat.

Fortunately, the tools you need to do this are already inside of you, just waiting to be unlocked.

In this new VIDEO BLOG, you’ll learn how to connect to the great characters that already exist in you, and bring them to the surface in the most compelling way possible, so that you can feel connected every time you write.

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  1. KillerJoes 8 years ago

    Great insights!

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