VIDEO – Getting Tough With Your Writing

Getting Tough With Your Writing

By Jacob Krueger

As a writer, it’s easy to get tough on yourself for the things that don’t work in your script.  In fact, writers are just about the toughest people out there when it comes to dealing with themselves. But most likely you’re not being tough with yourself when it comes to the most important thing to the development of a great screenplay– which is the search for the things that actually do work in your writing.

As screenwriters we often spend so much so much time trying to “fix” our scripts that we miss the opportunities to create the kinds of characters we really want to follow, and the kinds of movies we really want to see. Check out this great new VIDEO, and learn how to refocus that instinct to get tough in order to inspire your writing and transform your screenplay.


  1. Henry 10 years ago

    Great video! For me the best part of doing workshops is having to read fresh-pages from your peers and having to speak out loud what is working, and what could be improved — same deal as what you’re saying here — pushing that critique-muscle —

    only helps when you get a fresh look at your pages — being able kill your darlings and spot those diamonds in the rough that need a little work to shine.


    • Linda 10 years ago

      Love the video, Jake! Just what I needed. Today I wrote a scene that’s critical to the premise of my character’s story. It was scary to write because if it doesn’t work … Then I watched your inspiring video and felt good that the scary scene was on the page. Now it’s not as scary because I can keep asking what works and doesn’t work and keep rewriting until it works. Thanks for reminding us to stay with the process and not focus on the results. The more I love the process, the more I love the results! Thank you!

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