Beat the Summer Writing Slump (In Less Than 10 Minutes!)

Beat the Summer Writing Slump (In Less Than 10 Minutes!) 

By Jacob Krueger

Keeping your writing going this summer doesn’t have to mean spending all your time indoors. Here are five fun and easy ways you can beat the Summer Writing Slump, in less than 10 minutes!

1. Write For 7 Minutes a Day.

The easiest way to lose track of your writing over the summer is by setting goals that don’t fit with your life. So here’s a goal that anyone can accomplish: 7 minutes a day of writing.

Do it first thing when you wake up, before you get sucked into the google vortex or lose yourself riding waves at the beach. Get a little journal, keep it right by your bed, set a timer, and write non-stop for seven minutes the moment you open your eyes.

You’ll not only feel great knowing that the first thing you did each morning was the thing that mattered most to you, but also be shocked at how those seven minutes stick with you for the rest of the day, flooding your mind with ideas and inspiration for your story.

2. Carry a Notebook (digital or otherwise).

Moleskine makes a great one you can fit right into your back pocket and, if that’s a little too old school for you, an Instagram account can turn your cell phone into a mobile journal of digital inspiration.

Take it with you everywhere you go and, as you’re enjoying the beautiful summer day, capture the moments of inspiration that strike you. Keep your eyes and ears open for great dialogue, striking images, and fascinating characters that can fuel your writing. Jot a note, take a photo, and use it to get you started next time you sit down to write.

If you’d like to see some of the moments that inspire our writing here at the Studio over the summer, check out our Instagram account.  Use #inspirationeverywhere  and tag write.your.screenplay when you post to share your moments of inspiration with the whole community!

3. Set Lots of Easily Accomplishable Deadlines.

Deadlines inspire you to get things done. But only if you set them correctly! Instead of starting with a giant intimidating goal like finish my script, set a small fun one for each day, like write for 7 minutes, write half a page, or write the crappy version of that scene. The easier your deadline is to accomplish, the less likely you are to talk yourself out of accomplishing it.

The more you keep your small deadlines, the better you feel about yourself as a writer and the closer you get to achieving your big ones! So set as many tiny little deadlines as you can for yourself, write them down in your calendar, and check them off as you accomplish them.

4. Change Your Location!

Summer is a great time to travel, so shake up your writing and your life with a little trip. Find a new café where you like to write or take a road trip to a place that inspires you. Writing should feel like an adventure, and the adventures we take in life fuel the adventures of our characters. So whether your dream adventure is a small one or a big one, remember that it’s feeding your creativity and your writing.

5. Remind Yourself What Matters Most To You.

Summer is a time for fun, so spend it doing the things you love. Make an investment in your friends, in your family, in your personal experiences and in your writing. And remind yourself that every word you write is building the life you want.

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  1. Guilliones 7 years ago

    Awesome advice. Thank you!

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