Bali Screenwriting Retreat – The First Five Days!

Bali Screenwriting Retreat – The First Five Days! 

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through our screenwriting retreat here in Bali, Indonesia.

The first five days have been full of excitement.

We’ve had two writing marathons, watched and dissected the Seven Act Structure of Lars and the Real Girl,  There Will Be Blood, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, and Blue Valentine, and explored the rice fields and the sacred temples of Ubud.

One student, Maria Cruz, has even completed the first draft of her screenplay!


  1. Bill 10 years ago

    It looks so GORGEOUS and your all look like Jungle Nymphs. Brava Maria on the first draft! I can’t wait to hear the whole thing! Wish I was there with you all! Have a glorious last few days!

  2. Bill 10 years ago

    Oh my – I just looked more closely at the photos!

    It’s crazy but the pictures of you all at the table with your laptops and on the veranda with Jake and his trusty white board makes me the most jealous. What have you done to me, Jake?

    And judging from the double exposure picture it looks like one of your session had a really big crowd!! 🙂

    Wasn’t there anyone there to tell Henry not to eat the plantlife?!

    And of course I’m not surprised that it’s Linda standing so close to the handsome man as he points out some special sight. I can’t wait to hear what other sights he might have shown you!!

    And the lush green grass in front of that pavillion is so lovely I could plotz.

    It truly looks like an experience not to be forgotten.


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