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On this podcast, rather than reviewing movies and TV shows “two thumbs up, two thumbs down” Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger shows you what you can learn from them as a screenwriter.
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PODCAST – Writing the Action Movie: How “Amazing” is SPIDERMAN 2?

Writing the Action Movie: How “Amazing” is Spiderman 2? An Interview with Jacob Krueger and George Strayton Setting aside whether you loved or hated The Amazing Spiderman 2, discover what you can learn from the script. Note: includes spoilers! PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Jacob Krueger: I’m Jacob Krueger and this is the Write Your Screenplay podcast. I’m here with a special guest today this is

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PODCAST – Frozen: Do You Want To Build A Screenplay?

Frozen: Do You Want To Build A Screenplay? By Jacob Krueger Listen to the podcast of this article The structure for Disney’s Frozen begins with a piece of terrible advice. Confronted with a child with an extraordinary talent, the Grand Pabbie of the trolls tells her that until she learns to control her gift, she must hide it from the

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