What will it feel like?

Jacob uses a combination of the most advanced and modern form of hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and NLP, a unique form of languaging which helps you to tap into the power of your unconscious mind.

There is no pendulum to watch.

No suggestions about “getting sleeeeepy”. You will not cluck like a chicken or do any of the other crazy things you may have seen in movies or in stage hypnosis shows.

What you WILL do is feel more in touch with yourself than you have ever felt before.

More in control. More in sync. More connected to your experience. And capable of making vast changes in very little time.

Hypnosis is simply a language. And being hypnotized will feel like having a conversation.

The only difference is that rather than talking to your conscious mind, we will be communicating directly with your subconscious: the part of your mind that really runs things.

As an artist you do this all the time.

Whether you’re acting, writing, painting, directing, or even just daydreaming. And just like when you’re creating, during your hypnotic coaching session, you will be awake, aware, able to speak and respond, and completely in control of your actions.

Change your life.

By communicating directly with the subconscious mind, hypnosis allows you to get your subconscious needs in alignment with your conscious desires, and to make huge changes in your creative life.

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