Finally, a Class For Professional Writers

You’re looking for a community of people like you– talented writers with experience in the industry, who know the challenges you’re facing and can help you navigate them successfully. You’re looking for a safe place to try out early drafts, work through problematic notes from agents and producers, break through the challenges of difficult projects, and get the feedback you need to know when your drafts are truly ready to go. You’re looking for a place to continue to develop your voice as a writer, even as you build your career.

Push Your Writing To The Next Level With Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger

No matter what challenges you are facing in your writing, Jacob Krueger will help you push your writing to the next level. Rediscover the emotional hook underneath the commercial premise of your project. Reconnect with your writing, even when producers are pushing you in five different directions. Breathe new life into a passion project, or get the support you need to transition into a new genre or a new form of writing.

Power Your Plot With Seven Act Structure

Lost in the second act? Not anymore. Jacob Krueger’s Seven Act Structure will revolutionize your approach to story, helping you to get even the hardest plots back under control, and to keep your focus where it really matters: on your character’s journey.

Hold On To Your Creativity Even As You Grow Your Career

When you first started out, you were free to explore things that didn’t always work in your writing, take risks and have fun. Your writing had the thrill of “beginners mind.” But now that you’ve had success, those risks are harder to take. You’re afraid you’re losing something in your writing… but you can’t afford to submit a problematic draft to an agent or producer. You need a safe place where you can take those risks, explore, experiment, and shape those creative gems into the kinds of projects that get you excited again. ProLab is that place for you.

Get The Professional Feedback You Need To Achieve Your Goals

Class size is strictly limited to make sure you get the individual feedback and the personal feedback you need to achieve your goals. Over 8 weeks, you can submit up to 60 pages of new writing, offering an unparalleled opportunity for in depth feedback on your work. And because writers tend to return to Pro-Lab again and again, you’ll be able to draw on the resources of a consistent community that is familiar with your projects and with your goals at each stage of writing and rewriting.


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