We think our classes are awesome, and we hope you will agree. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself at no risk. If you attend the first session of any class, and find yourself anything less than completely blown away, simply let us know before the class meets for the second session, and we will happily make it right, refund your money or find another option that better fits your needs, whichever you prefer.

Please note that attendance of our classes is limited, therefore we cannot offer refunds for students who don’t show up.

To prevent abuse of this policy, we don’t offer refunds after the second session of a class is completed. However, we are nice people, and we want you to be happy. So if concerns come up at any time, please let us know, and we will do everything we can to make it right.


Payment plans are offered as a convenience to our students.

We pride ourselves on serving all members of our community, regardless of their economic status. We offer grad school level classes and mentorship with top faculty members at a tiny fraction of the cost of film school. Payment plans are offered at no charge, and with no interest, to fit the needs of students who might otherwise be unable to attend our classes. And we offer free podcasts, free classes every Thursday night, and generous scholarships to defray the cost for students who have been affected by the COVID crisis. We are committed to doing everything we can to make sure that no writer who wants to attend is left behind because of cost.

To make sure that we can continue to offer these programs, we require that all payments are paid in full, as scheduled, regardless of your attendance of the class. While you can pay in full by cash, check, credit or debit card, for payment plans we do require a credit card or debit card, in order to simplify our processing and keep costs down for everyone. A $25 administrative fee will be added on to any missed payments


We do not offer refunds on our classes.

This is because we keep our class sizes nice and intimate, and never overbook. When you occupy a spot in our classes, that spot is not being offered to anyone else. You do, however, have the power to transfer to a new class, as detailed below.


Changed your mind about what class you want to take? No problem! Just let us know at least 48 hours before the first session and we’ll be happy to switch you to a different class, or provide a credit you can apply toward a future purchase.

Because our classes often sell out, to be fair to everyone, we can only allow students to transfer in this way one time per purchase.


Since we’re a storytelling school, we’ve come up with a couple scenarios that may more explicitly explain the above policies.

John McClane has signed up for Write Your Screenplay with a $150 deposit, and a payment plan that pays off the remaining $200 by the end of the semester. On the first day of class, he realizes that Hans Gruber is also taking the class, and doesn’t feel comfortable attending the remaining three weeks. At this point, John has until the second session of this class to request a one-time transfer to any other class. Being a man of action, that’s exactly what John does.

Marge Gunderson is taking Meditative Writing online. She paid the $150 via the website, then set up a payment plan with the office that pays off the remaining $200 by the end of the semester. She realizes after the third class that the card she gave is nearly maxed out and calls the office to change it. The office happily changes out her credit card, and adds an additional $25 administrative fee is added to her last payment. Marge can rest easy now, and enjoy the class from the comfort of her snowed-in home.

Marla Singer has signed up for the Television Comedy Workshop, so she can work on her pilot about a guy who has multiple-personalities and doesn’t even know it. She’s paid for the class in full, but realizes after the second class that she’s booked a trip to Barbados and will be missing two of the scheduled sessions. Knowing she can’t transfer past the second class, Marla instead reaches out to her teacher and class concierge to make sure she can easily Skype in to one class, and review video footage of the other, after the fact. And you know what? She’s (uncharacteristically) pleased as punch with how it easy it all is!


The above payment plan and refund policies apply to retreats as well. Once you’ve agreed to go, we’re holding that spot for you, and fully expect you to pay the amount promised. Because of this, we strongly suggest all retreat-goers secure some sturdy trip insurance. That way, should anything happen that would cause you to be suddenly unable to go, both you and the studio are protected. Our students have found to be a reliable and easy-to-navigate travel insurance site. Sadly, we can not transfer credit from a retreat purchase to our classes, or any other service.

ProTrack follows its own set of rules, which are outlined in the documentation that we send your way when you sign up for the program.

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