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Personal Training Subscriptions Include:

  • Meet every other week with a professional writing coach.
  • Before each session, your coach will read up to 25 pages of your writing, so you can work your way together through an entire project.
  • Receive one-on-one professional feedback on your writing, create a game plan for revisions, set goals for future writing, and get the deadlines you need to make sure you achieve them!
  • One hour or two hour sessions available.
  • Never miss a session!  Meet with your coach in NYC or Online via Video Conference.

Private Coaching: Your Personal Trainer

Everyone knows going to the gym alone is only 1/10 as effective and going in with a personal trainer. The same is true for writing your novel or manuscript. Becoming a great writer and producing an evocative story requires the same dedication and consistency of getting a chiseled body…without all that sweat.

Consistency is Key

That’s why we offer training on a subscription basis.  Meet with your trainer on a bi-weekly basis, or set your own schedule, so that you can set your goals and know you will stick to them.  Each session, you and your trainer will discuss up to 25 pages of your manuscript. 

You’ll get the feedback and the accountability you need to keep you honest, and keep you writing, so that you can make your writing a priority, and finish your manuscript!

Target Your Problem Areas

With a personal trainer you are able to focus on specific areas of your novel and target them for improvement. Whether it’s rewrites, structure dialogue, formatting, or finding the hook of your story, your trainer will help you identify  your problem areas and whip them into shape.

Nutritional Guidance

Learn how to work more effectively on your own. Your trainer will give you the guidance you need to develop not only your novel but your skills as a writer, so that even when you are not in classes or in a one on one session, you are able to stay on track consistently, and write to your greatest potential.

Cardiovascular Workouts

We know you are busy and writing is not your only priority. With personal training sessions you will learn how to utilize the time you do have and get the most out of it.  Whether you’re working in short sprints several days a week or marathon sessions twice a month, your trainer will help you build the stamina you need to keep your writing goals in balance with your personal schedule.

Weight training

Give your story a perfect structure, unique characters, compelling dialogue, and visceral images. Each session, your trainer will provide you with specially targeted writing exercises, to build up these muscles and build your core strength as a writer.  You’ll learn an organic approach not only for perfecting your current manuscript, but for carrying those lessons with you for every story that follows.

Trim The Fat

When your manuscript has reached a completed draft, your personal trainer will be there to guide you through editing and formatting. Focus your story to make it lean and professional. Learn the psychology behind a publisher’s comprehension of your manuscript and how to make them see your story, and not just read your book.

What You Get

When you get a personal trainer you get more than just a writing coach.  You get the  professional, one-on-one mentorship that will not just whip your book into shape, but will turn you into a lean mean writing machine, building muscles, skills and a writing lifestyle that will keep you writing at your best even after your current manuscript hits its final draft. We build around your schedule and lifestyle, to keep you on track and meeting your goals.


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