Meditative Writing
Master Class

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
— Pablo Picasso


With Jessica Hinds

One Year, 12 Full Day Intensives
Meets One Saturday Per Month; 12pm-6pm EST

Prerequisite: Meditative Writing Workshop and Permission of Instructor

Learn to tap into your deepest instincts as a writer, and connect to your writing at its creative source. This year long intensive in meditative writing will help you generate the work you’ve always dreamed of writing, through extended meditative writing exercises, and innovative techniques for translating that raw creativity into a practical form. Designed for writers of all genres, including screenwriters, playwrights, novelists, memoirists & short story writers.

$350/month (12 Session Commitment)
$400/month (6 Session Commitment)

Or Combine With Screenwriting Master Class For a


at a Discounted Price

About Meditative Writing

There was a time when creativity was easy—when you were a child, driven by an endless desire to create, and no fear, no judgment, and no internal censor whatsoever.

The goal of meditative writing is to return you to that time, when finding your voice as a writer was as easy as being yourself, and raw creativity flowed as effortlessly as inspiration.

In this year long master class, you’ll learn to master both the art, and the craft of writing, so you can banish writer’s block forever, find inspiration in an instant, and discover the heart of your story and your characters, by tapping into your own voice as a writer, and your deepest creative instincts.

How Does it Work?

The class meets one Saturday a month, for a full year.  Each session begins with a guided meditation, and then three hours of carefully crafted meditative writing exercises, designed to transport you out of your everyday life, and connect you to the emotional truth of your story and of your characters.

Once you’ve generated this powerful raw material, you’ll use the second half of the class to translate it into structured scenes, applying the craft of screenwriting to shape your raw creativity into a form that works for your story.


Answers to Common Questions

Who Should Take Meditative Writing?

Whether you are brand new to writing, or a seasoned writer looking to inject energy back into your writing, meditative writing will change your writing life forever.

Designed for writers of all types, including screenwriters, playwrights, poets, novelists, and writers of any other genre, here are just a few of the many benefits of this approach:

  • Uncovering the Real Emotional Underbelly That Drives Great Films & Novels
  • Discovering Your True Voice
  • Creating More Provocative Dialogue, Images and Action
  • Developing an “Inspiration on Command” Writing Schedule
  • Injecting Joy Into Your Writing Process
  • Getting in Touch With Your Characters
  • Finding the Heart of Your Story
  • Discovering Theme
  • Natural Subtext
  • Opening Up Your Creative Side
  • Learning How To Write Even When You Can’t Find a “Quiet Place”
  • Connecting Yourself To Your Characters and Story Even If You Are Working On Assignment
  • Writing Cooler, Bigger, More Intense and Compelling Scenes
  • Learning To Love Your Weirdness and Understand Its Value
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Banishing Writers Block Forever
  • Feeling Free and Successful Every Time You Write
  • Fun!
What’s the Difference Between Meditative Master Class and Your Other Classes?

Unlike our other classes, which focus on merging the art and the craft of writing, the Meditative Writing Master Class allows you to put the craft and all your conscious goals as a writer aside for awhile, and concentrate only on connecting to the emotional truth of your writing and your characters. The first half of each class is devoted entirely to meditative writing exercises, so you’ll generate tons of powerful raw material that you can hone and refine into fully formed scenes the second half of the class and through your daily writing practice.

Can I take the Meditative Writing Master Class and a Write Your Screenplay Class or Personal Training at the Same Time?

Yes, in fact we highly recommend it.  Combining Meditative Writing with Personal Training or other classes in our program offers you a chance to combine the best of both worlds, concentrating first on the art of generating that great material, and then on the craft of shaping it into the story you’ve always dreamed of telling.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

Many writers find that their writing is instantly flowing with the very first session of meditative writing.  Others find it more like yoga or learning piano, a practice that requires repetition and patience.   You may find at first that writing in this way for 15 or 20 minutes is enough to get you started… but over time everyone progresses to longer and longer periods of deeply connected writing. You are welcome to discuss your progress with your teacher anytime before or after class.

What is the Guided Meditation Like?

The guided meditation used in meditative writing simply requires you to close your eyes and be led through a series of visualizations that will open you up to your subconscious.  You will be awake, aware and totally in control the whole time!

Should I Take This Class Online?

Writing classes are about trust, community, and real-time give and take between student and teacher, so we’ve designed our online classes give our online students the same personalized experience as the students in the room.  Our LIVE video stream allows you to see and hear everything as if you were with us in person.  You can even ask questions via our online chat and get them answered instantly by the instructor.  Plus, we keep video-on-demand replays of every session online for a full month after the class ends, so you can watch and rewatch them on your own time and your own schedule.  All you need is a computer and a high speed internet connection.

What If I Have To Miss A Class?

As with all courses at Jacob Krueger Studio, you never have to worry about missing a class, no matter how busy your schedule.  Whether you take Meditative Writing in person or online, you’ll have access to unlimited video replays for a full month after the class ends, so you can watch and rewatch anytime, from anywhere in the world, and use these techniques every time you sit down to write.