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Private Tutorials & Consultations:

New To Final Draft?

Figuring your way around Final Draft screenwriting software is about more than just getting comfortable with using the technology.  It’s about understanding how to think in screenwriting format, and get the ideas in your head onto the page in a way that captures the full force of your inspiration.

So set aside that user manual, tell your neighbor’s kid with the computer science degree to stop confusing you with all that technical jargon, and set up a Final Draft coaching session with our resident formatting guru Linda Roberts.

Linda will show you how to take control of the final draft software, so you can stop worrying about what key to hit, and keep your focus on your writing.  You’ll cut right through the confusing jargon and technical features, and start getting your best work on the page from the very first session.

After one session, we guarantee that you’ll be able to confidently use the software and understand the fundamentals of screenplay format.  Or set up a series of 3 sessions and get ready to handle even the most complex formatting tasks!

Consultation Pricing

90-Minute Session
3 Session Package
New York, NY
Email: [email protected]creenplay.com
Call: 917.464.3594

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