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Lacy Daigle is the Director of Jacob Krueger Studio, and the founder of SoulSeeker, where she works with artists and creative executives to develop a balance between their personal, business and creative lives.

In addition to her education and coaching work with the next generation of filmmakers, Lacy is also a Senior Producer and Creative Director at CBS. She created and produced projects with some of the most well-recognized names in the industry, including Leslie Moonves, Hugh Jackman, John Malkovich, LL Cool J, Lin Manuel Miranda and Stephen Colbert.

In addition to her many professional accolades, Lacy also has written, produced and directed documentaries for nonprofits including New Alternatives for Children and Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). Her films have raised over 4 million dollars for charity.

As a certified Holistic Life Coach and Time Management Specialist, Lacy helps creatives of all kinds to take control of their time, get in touch with their subconscious objectives and achieve their creative goals through meditation, tarot and other non-traditional techniques. Her unique approach breaks down the artificial walls between “business” and “pleasure” to allow creatives to live more fulfilling and integrated lives.

When she’s not on set or in the office, Lacy enjoys travel blogging, photography, hiking and experiencing new places and cultures. Her upcoming projects include the feature film Tiny House which Lacy is currently writing, the interactive theatrical experience Jill, and the feature documentary Lobster Fight currently in pre-production.


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I’ve worked with Lacy for the past few months to gain knowledge and guidance on my career path and it has really been excellent. She is supportive and is never pushy, always leaving me to come to my own conclusions on what my next step should be. She is always flexible and I can tell she really cares about helping me succeed. Not to mention that I’ve been skeptical in the past to work with a coach and I have no regrets at all for picking up the phone for our first session! I would highly recommend her to anyone who has big dreams and wants to reach them.

–Zachary F.

I am so lucky to have worked with Lacy this past year. Her coaching style is firm but gentle. I’ve learned how to talk around situations as a defense mechanism. I certainly was unable to do that with her! I was forced to evaluate my life, address the underlying issues at hand and make a commitment to take action. She always made me feel like she was listening intently. The questions she posed always made me reflect and sometimes made me uncomfortable, however, I felt vulnerable but protected at the same time. If you’re not challenged – you don’t grow! Our follow up calls also kept me accountable. I would recommend Lacy to any friend or colleague in a heart beat!

–Marisol B.

Lacy coached me through a time of big transition. I was wanting to make a major career shift and was floundering with direction. Lacy was able to rein me in and look at taking baby steps. She walked me through a process in which I felt much more in control when we were finished. The other piece that Lacy was phenomenal at was acknowledging where I was and guiding me back to feeling good about my decisions and abilities to achieve what I want. It’s almost a year later and her session still has a positive impact on me. She listens well, is reflective and really wanted to see me get to the place I wanted to be.

–Kim H.

I’m working with Lacy on my next step, using my new found time to get back into my creative flow outside of the office, getting back in touch with my creative side and the activities like writing and travel that give my life meaning. I’m so grateful to be working with Lacy. She’s truly changed my life.

–Happy Client

Lacy provided life-coaching services to me. In my discussion with her I found clarity and self-awareness. Lacy was excellent at listening and guiding our conversation, and did so with great warmth.

–Mandy B.

New York, NY
Email: [email protected]
Call: 917.464.3594

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