Protrack Course Guidelines

Thank you for registering for ProTrack (the “Course”) with Jacob Krueger Studio, LLC (the “Company”). These guidelines, along with the Participant Agreement, apply to you, the Course, and your participation and Contributions (as defined below) during the Course.

Please review the following guidelines and provide your electronic signature below.

The Basics

You meet with your mentor {{pt_sessions_per_cycle}} sessions per month.

Sessions take place {{pt_start_time}} Eastern Time

with a few exceptions for things like holidays, which will be rescheduled in advance.

Each session is {{pt_duration}} minutes long.

The cost of your program is ${{pt_recurring_amount}}/{{pt_billing_period}}, billed on the {{pt_billing_day}} of each month.

If you need help with anything regarding your membership, reach out to us from our website or email and we'll be happy to help.

Program Length

The ProTrack program is designed to provide lifetime, one-on-one mentorship, at a fraction of the cost of grad school. Rather than having a fixed end date, the program is designed to grow with you over many years as you emerge into your professional career.

Your initial commitment is for {{pt_minimum_sessions}} sessions, after which your membership will renew on a monthly basis for as long as you wish to continue in the program.

By attending the first session you agree to the terms in this agreement.

Should you wish to withdraw, you may do so at any time after your initial session commitment by emailing and providing 30 days’ written notice, so that we can open up your spot for a new student. Should you complete your work in fewer than {{pt_minimum_sessions}} sessions, you may choose to withdraw from the program early, by paying the difference between the a la carte rate and the discounted ProTrack rate for any completed sessions or pages: ${{pt_session_price_discount}} for each completed session, plus an additional ${{pt_additional_pages_price}}/page charge any free pages or free full reads you have submitted.


Each session includes {{pt_pages_per_session}} pages of advanced reading. Additional pages are ${{pt_additional_pages_price}} per page.

You will receive an email 3 days before each session, with a unique link to our online page submission form, which will automatically schedule your pages into your mentor's calendar. You may also submit pages through our online portal, or through the link in your google calendar invite.

You must submit a minimum of 48 hours in advance to give your mentor time to fully prepare. You may also bring as many pages as you'd like with you to any session for your mentor to read at the beginning of the session.

For every 12 sessions you complete or commit to, you get free advanced reading by your mentor of {{pt_full_reads_qty}} full read(s) of up to {{pt_full_reads_pages}} pages at no charge.

Your initial session commitment means you can use your first full read at any time, including before your first session if you choose.

Unused full reads remain available on your account for as long as you continue in the program.

Advance scheduling of full reads is required to allow adequate prep time for your mentor. Once you and your mentor have agreed to a date for a full read, please submit your full read at least 1 week in advance so your mentor has plenty of time to read.


ProTrack works by helping you maintain a consistent rhythm for your writing. To assure you hit your goals and your deadlines, we recommend that you refrain from rescheduling. However, subject to your teacher’s availability, you may reschedule a session through our portal with a minimum of 72hrs notice, provided the session is rescheduled within 30 days of its initially scheduled date and provided you are still a ProTrack Member at the time of the rescheduled session date.

Sessions may only be re-scheduled once. For the avoidance of doubt, a re-scheduled session cannot be re-scheduled again.

If your mentor does not have availability within 30 days of your initially scheduled session, or if the time they have available does not work for your schedule, the request for rescheduling cannot be accommodated. You may attend online or request video notes.

We attempt to be as flexible as possible, but without firm deadlines neither writer nor mentor can be successful. Therefore, members whose overuse of the rescheduling policy is determined to be affecting their ability to succeed in the program may be asked to keep to their original scheduled policy or to leave the program.

VIDEO NOTES: If you are unable to attend a session live, you may request Video Notes from your mentor, providing feedback on submitted pages, as well as answering questions submitted by you to keep you on track with your project regardless of your schedule.

NO PAGES? No problem. Your mentor will provide a writing exercise for you at the beginning of the session so that you can continue to make progress on your script.


We understand that occasionally an emergency will come up that makes providing the normal advanced notice impossible. While the option for video notes is always available, in the case of a real emergency we will do our best to accommodate an Emergency Makeup Session.

We offer this option only for real emergencies, and therefore must limit to a maximum of 1 Emergency Makeup Session for every 12 sessions you complete or commit to. There is no charge for an Emergency Makeup Session so long as you provide 24 hours’ notice. With less than 24 hours’ notice, there is a $50 fee.

The Emergency Makeup Session must occur within 30 days of the originally scheduled session. You must still be a member at the time of the rescheduled session date. There is no charge for an Emergency Makeup Session so long as you provide 24 hours’ notice. With less than 24 hours’ notice, there is a $50 fee. The Emergency Makeup Session must occur within 30 days of the originally scheduled session.

You must still be a member at the time of the rescheduled session date.


Should you wish to withdraw, you may do so at any time after your initial session commitment by emailing and providing 30 days’ notice.

Upon receiving 30 days’ notice of withdrawal, your deposit will be applied to your final month of sessions in the program so that you and your mentor can use your final sessions to create a game plan for your next steps, and so that we can open your spot in your mentor's schedule for a new student.

If you are thinking about withdrawing, we recommend that you discuss your plans with your mentor with as much advance notice as possible, so that you can work together to formulate a plan for how to best leverage your remaining sessions.

Any unused Full Reads and Emergency Makeup Sessions must be used before your final session or will be forfeited.

Adding Sessions

Should you wish to add an additional session or request a double session, you may do so at the preferred rate of ${{pt_session_price}}/session, subject to your mentor's availability.

Our mentors have busy schedules, so please try to give us as much notice as possible when requesting additional sessions, so we can do our best to accommodate.

Additional Details


Though mentors’ rates tend to increase over time, we endeavor to keep our ProTrack Members at the same rate for as long as they remain in the program. In the unlikely case of a rate increase, you will be notified in writing with a minimum of 60 days’ notice, and given the opportunity to switch to a different mentor or withdraw from the program.


Jacob Krueger Studio mentors are industry professionals who occasionally must travel for projects, lectures etc. In the event that your mentor cannot be present at your normal meeting location for a scheduled session, that session will generally be held as scheduled via online video conference (or phone if you prefer).

In the rare condition that a session must be cancelled due to a mentor's unavailability, that session will be rescheduled at a mutually determined time and you will receive an additional Emergency Makeup Session you can use at your convenience per the terms above.

If a convenient time to reschedule cannot be found due to a conflict initiated by your mentor, you may request a prorated refund for the cost of that session.


Should you wish to request a different mentor, we will make best efforts to match you with a mentor of your choice, subject to availability. You will be responsible for any difference in monthly or yearly cost of the program, based on the standard rate of your new mentor.

In the unlikely case that we must substitute a different mentor without such request from you, you will have the option to continue at the same rate, or to withdraw from the program and receive a refund of any deposit.


5% discount requires year-long commitment. After your initial commitment, your ProTrack will renew at the normal monthly rate for as long as you wish to continue in the program. If you wish to renew yearly and continue to save, just let us know before your renewal date.


To guarantee enough advanced reading time for your mentor, your pages must be submitted in proper screenplay (or double-spaced prose) format, and at least 48 hours before your session.

Please be aware that mentors may not have sufficient time to thoroughly read pages received less than 48 hours prior to session start time, and may need to take time at the beginning of your session to read through late submissions.

Mentors may only read pages submitted through our system. Please do not email pages directly to your mentor.


If you have used up your free Full Reads and wish for your mentor to review your whole script, you may commit to an additional 12 sessions in order to receive more in advance, or you may choose to pay for additional pages at your teacher's page rate.

Unused Full Reads will continue to roll over as long as you remain in the program, and you will continue to accumulate additional full reads for every 12 sessions you complete or commit to. For example, if you had 1 full read still available after completing session 12, it would remain available for you to use at any time you want, and you will accumulate additional full reads after session 24, 36, etc.


Unused Emergency Makeup Sessions continue to accumulate for every 12 sessions you complete or commit to for as long as you stay in the program. For example if you remained in the program for 36 sessions without requesting an Emergency Makeup Session, you'd accumulate 3 Emergency Makeup Sessions that you could use as needed as described above.


In order to hold your spot in your mentor’s schedule, we compensate your mentor for the number of sessions you committed to each month, regardless of your attendance. For this reason, we cannot offer hiatuses or tack on missed sessions to the end of your commitment. Rescheduled sessions must always take place within 30 days of their initial date, and must take place during a month when you are still a paid member of the program.


You retain all ownership and copyright to your project. Jacob Krueger Studio, its employees, staff, teacher and consultants ("we" or "us" or"our") do not seek or require credit, compensation, residuals or any other form of payment for our services provided to you beyond our agreed upon compensation for ProTrack.


You understand that these guidelines supplement the Company’s Participant Agreement and that you must complete and return a signed copy of the Participant Agreement along with these guidelines to participate in the Course. You acknowledge that you have reviewed the Participant Agreement and these Course Guidelines.

I agree to these terms and authorize Jacob Krueger Studio to bill my credit card on file for the amounts described above.

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