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Welcome to the Weekend TV Bible Workshop

In this weekend workshop, you’ll develop more than just TV Bible for your series that can make producers salivate. You’ll learn how writing a TV Bible can help you delve into the hearts of your characters, find the hook and structure of each episode, and distill it down to a core essence to make writing and rewriting easy.

Want to sell a TV Show? You’re going to need more than just a great pilot.

A TV Bible is the most vital document in your arsenal as an aspiring TV Writer.

In one quick read 2-5 page read, a great TV Bible shows a potential producer not only what makes your series concept and characters stand out from the crowd, but also the structural engine of your series that will allow them to generate episodes and seasons for years.

So if you want to make a producer see dollar signs, you’ve got to learn to write a TV Bible that sells!

A TV Bible is more than just a sales document like a treatment or a pitch.

It’s also a way of thinking creatively about your project, delving down into the heart of your characters to find the hook and structure of each episode, each season and your series as a whole, and distilling its down to a core essence that makes writing and rewriting easy.

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Learn To Write a TV Bible for a TV Series or Web Series of Any Genre

Whether you’re writing a TV Comedy, TV Drama, Dramady, Traumady, or even producing your own Web Series, mastering the craft of the TV Bible will not only help your chance of selling it, but also your chance of getting the idea in your head onto the page in the most powerful way possible.

A Fun & Intuitive Approach To TV Bible Writing

Under the guidance of our resident TV Bible guru you’ll create the engine of your TV series in a fun and intuitive way. Guided practice and in-class workshopping will take the stress right out of your first draft, and demystify this often intimidating side of the process by drawing on the inspiration that brought you to the project in the first place.

A Community You Can Count On – From Anywhere in The World

Whether you’re joining the class live in NYC or through our unique live-online format, you’ll connect with TV & Web Series writers just like you. Find your writing partner, future TV writer’s room buddy, or the person who’s going to introduce you to the perfect producer for your project.

Includes 1:1 Consultation

Complete your TV Bible in class, and then get personalized, one-on-one feedback from your teacher, to take your TV Bible to the professional level!


  • What can I say? Merridith is amazing. I’ve been working with her for years. Merridith has a keen eye and makes me think outside the box. I wouldn’t be the writer I am today without her guidance, support and encouragement. - Brooke T.
  • Working with Merridith has been amazing. She’s able to take the garbled mess that is the first draft of a screenplay and help you refine it until it actually makes sense. She’s conscientious about structure, and aids in the exploration of character development that is so crucial to a quality script. - Will M.
  • Merridith was an instrumental tool when completing my first screenplay. She has a way of assisting you in your development that leads you to a greater understanding of the story you want to tell. As soon as we wrapped up the final draft of the first script we moved on to the second one! She's now a vital asset to me. - Taleah G.
  • I love working with Merridith! She deftly walks me through both the craft and the business aspect of writing. I began the process with some skepticism, but every time I meet with her, I come away so excited to work on what we talked about. - Erika R.
  • Allen’s class was exactly what I needed to begin to “ tie up the loose ends” of the pilot I am currently finishing. Writing a “ Bible “ which seemed somewhat daunting in scope was presented in a clear, concise manner. Merridith also provides in-class opportunities for each individual to execute the new material she is covering. Extremely helpful! - Cynthia J.
  • I worked with Merridith for more than a year and in each session, I find myself learning not only new things about screenwriting but also new things about myself. She has the talent to bring the best of yourself and makes sure that you put it clearly on paper. - Yasser E.H.

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