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  • Jerry is a laugh riot. And it helps that he’s also an extraordinary teacher. Definitely will be taking this one again!--Rebecca
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased/impressed/encouraged/excited Sue and I are since meeting with Christian. He did a phenomenal job reviewing our script and making us understand the opportunities and challenges ahead. I have a renewed energy and belief to take the script from interesting/good to something exceptional. Christian was able to laugh with us, critically think with us and—quite simply—help us. It's a great service you're providing and I will talk it up to the writers and aspiring filmmakers in my network.--Eric V.
  • Jacob Krueger is a brilliant teacher and person. I have been around writing for a long time, from many different perspectives, writing, getting two degrees, hundreds of play readings with talk-backs, teaching, and within the first 15 minutes of class I heard things from him that I have not heard anywhere, from anyone, any time. The 4 week class has already made a deep impact on my writing and my life and I signed up to take his class again, because he is an endless source of profound knowledge and humanity.-Matthew Ethan D.
  • “Jacob Krueger is a true collaborator, totally dedicated to the project, leaving his ego behind, but nevertheless demanding the highest standards because of his sharp dramatic sense and intuition.”

    Claude Michel SchonbergComposer, LES MISERABLES, MISS SAIGON, THE PIRATE QUEEN
  • “Jacob is good. I mean, had-me-diving-at-the-keyboard-immediately-after-a-long-writer’s-block good. He helped me recognize what obstacles were in my way and how to confront them. He should have been billing for a percentage of all the work I turned out after just our first session.”

  • “Not only did Jake help me with a particularly crippling case of writer’s block, but the lessons I learned from those invaluable sessions are still unfolding, months and years later. He has a rare complement of talent and craft, an ability to find the core of any problem, be it creative or personal.”

    Christine BoylanWriter, LEVERAGE

“It has been a joy for Claude-Michel and I to collaborate with Jake Krueger on writing the screenplay of our first cinematic project.”

–Alain Boublil

“This truly has been one of the most creative and gratifying experiences I’ve ever been a part of. It’s very rare to find teachers who can, and should, teach because they love the process, and are wholly committed to your evolution as an artist. Jake is just that, an artist! His methods are ‘out of the box’ and uncharacteristic of any Writer-Director I’ve ever worked with. The tremendous generosity, imagination and skill he employs in guiding you to depths in your work that you never imagined yourself capable of is beyond inspiring. He doesn’t play by the rules, and before you know it you won’t be either; but you’ll be creating some of the best work you’ve ever done with a discipline dictated by your creativity and not your schedule. If you’re thinking of brushing up on your writing skills, have that great idea for a movie! or even if you’re just thinking of taking a screenwriting class for the heck of it, this is the place to start!

–Simone Gallon, Pythia Films

“My only regret is that I had not done this sooner. After one, one hour hypnosis session with Jake, I completed all the small tasks that I’d put off for tomorrow, for years, in two days, I felt a sense of wholeness I hadn’t felt since I was a kid, and most importantly, my characters began to speak to me on rising in the morning – discovering them was not the pain and anguish it had been previously.”

–Simona Bost, writer

“This is my fifth Jacob Krueger screenplay workshop. And they have changed my life as a writer. He is the the best teacher I’ve ever had! Jacob uses a combination of free writing and savvy technical strategies and it totally revamped my writing style. Now what’s in my heart, I can transfer directly to my script. No more constipation of the brain. My dialogue, my characters are now authentic creations. Finally, I feel my work will get produced. Bonus: He’s a really great guy!”

–Minette G., Student

“If you are serious about writing and feel you have the discipline to take this class, go for it, as Jake will get you to where you want to be.”

–Sujay P., Student

“The class – and Jake – is open and encouraging. Great for people who are stuck or shy, and wonderful feedback for all, regardless of their level.”

–Caroline D., Student

“Jake’s class kick-started my ability to write with INTENTION”

–Marvin A., Student

“I love Jake’s motto: ‘I’m gonna push you harder’”

–Dhruv K., Student

“The retreat [Bali 2011] unblocked me. I now have a clear picture of my story, characters, scenes and where they need to go.”

–Elisa S., Student

“The retreat [Bali 2011] created a safe space for writing and feedback to flow freely. Bonding with writers in a foreign land was liberating!”

–Nell S., Student

“The Bali retreat with Jake gave me the opportunity to really reexamine the structure of my screenplay. I learned that I could let go of the “true” story and begin to structure it more around the emotional truth.”

–Linda R., Student

“The Bali retreat really helped my to clarify certain aspects of my writing and allowed me to focus on my goals. I came to so many epiphanies after grappling with some huge inner struggles.”

–Sandy G., Student

“Jake’s enthusiasm and razor-sharp vision cut clearly to the heart of the issues discussed. He’s kind of brilliant actually. And I’m making an understatement.”

–Jay S., Student

“Better than therapy! I’d choose a screenwriting class with Jake over some some shrink I’m going to get cranky with any day!”

–D. Goldman, Student

“I would recommend this class to any dedicated screenwriter.”

–James H., Student

“Jacob’s positivity is so overwhelmingly encouraging. He’s truly inspirational.”

–Susan B., Student

“I loved Jake’s teaching style. Instead of giving you a meal, Jake teaches you how to fish for yourself.”

– Dominic C., Student

“Jacob is an excellent instructor. His method of teaching is very organic, telling us how to work with our own creative instincts to develop a solid screenplay and didn’t rely on off-the-shelf conventions you’d find in any Syd Field or Robert McKee book. This allowed everyone in the class to write something that they identified with, resulting in dynamic dialogues, critiques, and sharing exercises. I would definitely take another course with Jacob Krueger again and would recommend him to anyone else interested in doing so.”

–Linda R., Student

“Exceptional ability to draw people out and encourage creativity.”

–Vinny C., Student

“I love Jake’s enthusiasm, honesty and his ability to inspire.”

–Donna G., Student

Jake brings incredible energy, passion, insight and brilliance to the class. The intimate class size and setting foster lively conversations and risk taking.

–Julia M., Student

“Jake’s class will be the best investment you make for screenwriting.”

–Jaron N., Student

“It’s simple – if you want to be a writer, take this class.”

–Hafsteinn S., Student

“Jake creates a great nurturing environment for all levels. There are no rules, just great suggestions.”

–Joane C., Student

“I’m writing for the first time with purpose.”

–Jorge R., Student

“I loved the way Jake taught the class with his tremendous enthusiasm, drive, and energy. Plus, with his knowledge and incite about the industry, everything he tells us is  to help us advance as screenwriters. And to develop as the best we can be.”

–Harry H., Student

“I like Jake’s methodology and his sincere approach to helping his students become great writers.”

-Inola M., Student

“I love Jake’s ‘no bullshit’ honesty – I would not have taken the course if it was just about structure and monotization. His emphasis on story first is why I took the class!”

-Anders, Student

“I really think Jake gets where we’re coming from as writers, especially in understanding what hinders us.”

-Sam M., Student

“Jacob got me to write for myself, write with no inhibition, and to finally get it on the page.”

-Bean M., Student

“If you’re someone who needs inspiration and a structure to write, come to the class!”

-Elaine K., Student

“This class has helped to motivate me to continue with my writing.  I find myself working on my script all the time, whereas before I just had not motivation.”

-James J., Online Student

“Jake’s class has been an eye-opening experience for me after taking a mediocre class in screenplay writing at a university.  I appreciate his approach to focusing on the writing first when you are just starting out, as opposed to worrying about all of the formatting rules.  His tips on character development and structuring a scene are really invaluable. I like the idea of freely thinking about a character, then imputing wants and objectives to create the story.”

-Sohini S., Online Student

“I liked the ability to discuss other students’ work and to get a fresh pair of eyes to look at my writing.  I loved the analyzing of screenplay structure.”

-Steve H., Student

“I appreciate that Jake doesn’t pretend to have ‘The Answer’ because the is no answer. I feel his approach to screenwriting is unique and grounded in the creative.”

-Bryan D., Student

“Jake’s class gave me a starting point. It grounded me and made the overwhelming task of starting my screenplay more manageable.”

-Marleigh U., Student

“I wrote a first draft in 7 weeks – so can you!”

-Elaine, Student

I couldn’t even begin to express how this class has been improving my writing by leaps and bounds…I love Jake! I’ve already recommended him to all my writer friends.

-George S., Student

Don’t think twice, just take the class.

-Anita P., Student

What I liked most were Jake’s lectures. He dealt with very sophisticated story-telling concepts in easily understood ways. The content was smart and inspirational…Sign up now. Inexperienced writers will discover gold. Accomplished writers will find it re-energizing.

-Glenn G., Online Student

I really liked everything about the instructor. He’s accessible in every way and so informative and hugely helpful.

-Alison H., Student

Take the class! It’s perfect for those who like writing but have never had the opportunity to start it somehow.

-Marcel S., Student

“How would I describe the workshop? Sweet Hotness.”

–Anonymous Student

“A learning environment that teaches you how to take that ‘good idea’ you have and turn it into a solid, well read screenplay. The critiques allow you to develop your skills as both a reader and writer.”

–Anonymous Student

“Jake’s class helped me get started on my project.  It gave me new ideas about structuring my screenplay and more freedom with my writing .”

–Anonymous Student

“Jake Krueger made this course! I’ve taken other screenwriting classes and have never had so productive an experience. Jake’s methods and teaching approach is both refreshing and inspiring.”

–Anonymous Student

“The course laid down the basics and the instructor was amazing. His passion for the craft was inspiring.”

–Anonymous Student

“Jacob did a great job in explaining to a total novice like me.”

–Anonymous Student

“Amazing and a must do if you are starting out.”

– Anonymous Student

“The instructor was very enthusiastic and engaged and he facilitated a great camaraderie amongst the students that was very helpful in the writing and critique processes. In addition, he provided many valuable lessons on the craft of screenwriting.”

–Anonymous Student

“A good, brass-tacks approach to screenwriting.”

–Anonymous Student

“I liked Jacob’s enthusiasm for his subject, his expertise in screenwriting, his positive approach, his hard work in creating a syllabus for us, his ability to scaffold and communicate info re screenplays in a effective way. I am a better writer for taking his class.”

–Anonymous Student

“I only wish the class was longer.”

–Anonymous Student

“I have described it as the one of the best and most valuable classes to all my friends who would listen.”

-Anonymous Student

“I felt that the instructor was perfect for our first screenwriting class. He allowed us to express our creativity in a safe, yet structured environment. He gave us the support and confidence to start and keep writing.”

–Anonymous Student

“This course is amazing! I wish I took it much sooner!”

–Anonymous Student

“I loved that Jacob made the space for all of us very safe to explore our writing and ideas. He seemed to know exactly when to push us harder and when to take a step back and let us find a different way to go around it. It is very rare that you find someone who listens as well as Jake, and i was really impressed not only by how much he pulled out each time from the readings in class, but also to our queries about writing in general. His lectures were passionate, informative, and gave us plenty of time for our own experimentation. I sat through every class, absolutely fascinated (usually i have a tendancy to daydream). I think he is one of the best teachers i ever had, in any subject. I can’t state that enough.”

–Anonymous Student

“Really really excellent!”

–Anonymous Student

“Very nurturing, encouraging creative environment. Really tried to build off the strengths of each student. Strong grounding in the mechanics of screenwriting, but well-connected with practical examples.”

–Anonymous Student

“Helpful and stimulating.”

–Anonymous Student

“Jake Krueger is knowledgeable, bright, encouraging and inspiring.”

–Anonymous Student

“Educational, exciting, fun. A great learning experience.”

–Anonymous Student

“Very kind, knowledgeable and effective teaching style. Witty and “firm”, i.e. no nonsense. You got to take this class with this teacher! “

–Anonymous Student

“Incredibly informative and beneficial. The insructor was sharp, knowledgeable and thoughtful.”

–Anonymous Student

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