(Without Losing Your Voice)

An Organic Approach To Writing A Screenplay That Sells.

A New Seminar With Award-Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger

Saturday, March 5th, 2011, 3pm
939 8th Ave (between 55& 56 Streets)
3rd floor, Studio 3B


The challenge of writing a marketable screenplay can be one of the most daunting for young screenwriters. Everyone knows it’s impossible to predict the Hollywood market, yet how is it possible that some writers sell one script after another, while others with equal talent just spend their time collecting rejection letters?

Get Ready To Learn The Secret.

Forget what you think you know about what makes a movie commercial. A great hook doesn’t come from selling out, or trying to anticipate Hollywood’s next flavor of the week. Rather, it grows organically out of very impulses that drove you to write in the first place. It’s suggested in every facet of your characters journey, and in every word you write. The art of the screenwriter is learning to make this hook as visceral for the audience as it is for you.

A Whole New Approach To High Concept Storytelling

In this groundbreaking new seminar, Award-Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger will help you discover the underlying hook in your own storytelling. You’ll learn to identify the existing elements in your script that can make producers salivate, and how to focus your draft around them to deliver on what you promise.

Hone Your Pitch.

You might be the next Charlie Kaufman in waiting, but unless you can pitch it, nobody is going to read it. Learn how to create a pitch that can make even the most jaded producer pay attention, so that you can sell your screenplay and yourself as a writer.

Find The People Who Can Help You, By Making The Most Of Your Own Social Network

Learn how to identify agents, producers, managers, actors, directors, and other entertainment professionals who are looking for just the kind of material you are writing, and how to break through the walls that seem to separate you from them.

About Jacob Krueger

Over his years in the entertainment industry, Jacob Krueger has worked with hundreds of writers, from Academy and Tony Award Winners to young writers picking up the pen for the first time. Jacob’s own writing includes the screenplay for “The Matthew Shepard Story,” which won the Writers Guild of America Paul Selvin Award, earned Stockard Channing an Emmy for Best Actress, and was nominated a Gemini Award for Best Screenplay.


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