Make a Promise to Yourself.

Writing doesn’t happen overnight. A Master Class shouldn’t either. That’s why these classes run for a full year. Once a month, you will meet for a full day intensive, which will guide you through each step of the screenwriting process at the same pace you’re experiencing it: from conception, to first draft, to revision, to polish, to taking your film out of the marketplace and working to make that sale.


A Community of Writers as Serious as You Are


Limited to 8 students (selected by invitation only) this class is for a select group of gifted writers who are serious about their process and capable of inspiring and challenging each other to do their very best work.


A Yearlong Commitment To Your Writing


The class meets one Sunday per month – for a full year – in an all-day intensive format (11am- approximately 10pm Eastern Time) so that you’ll have the support, mentorship, and feedback you need at each step in the process of developing your screenplay from first draft to the final revision.


Extensive Feedback on Your WHOLE Script


Each month, you can submit up to 30 pages of your writing, which are read aloud in class and then discussed as a group. Because of the small class size and the yearlong commitment (many students end up staying for many years) students develop a deep understanding of each other’s work, allowing for exploration of deeper structural questions and revision ideas that are difficult in traditional screenwriting classes, which can only look at a few pages.


You also get one full read a year (up to 120 pages) during which you can read and discuss an entire draft of your script in class.


A Grad School Experience at an Affordable Price


Our master classes offer more feedback and expert advice than most grad schools, with an even smaller class size, at a monthly cost equivalent to our entry level classes. Strictly reserved for our most promising students, they allow you to take your career to the next level without turning your life upside down.


Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.



$750/ mo. SOLD OUT!
Sunday Master Class
With Jacob Krueger
$750/ mo. SOLD OUT!
Saturday Master Class
With Jacob Krueger


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