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10 Week Writer's Room Experience
Available in NYC or Online.


- Thursdays, 7-10pm EST | July 14th - September 15th with Jerry Perzigian
- Thursdays, 7-10pm EST | September 29th - December 15th with Jerry Perzigian

This is the only class of its kind—run like a real writer’s room, taught by a professional showrunner with over 25 years of industry experience—and featuring the work of 12 talented student writers.

*Includes Free One-on-One Consultation


Welcome To The Writer’s Room

This is the only class of its kind—run like a real writer’s room on a 30 minute TV comedy series, taught by a professional showrunner with over 25 years of industry experience—and featuring the work of 12 talented student writers.

You’ll not only complete a half hour pilot or spec script for a tv comedy series, you’ll also collaborate on the development of your fellow students scripts for a different show each week.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn the elements of a successful half-hour comedy series, and how to write a series pilot or series spec script that shows off your talent as a writer, but also your ability to demonstrate your professionalism to every network, studio, and series producer who reads it.

By the time you’re done, you’ll not only have real world experience of working in a TV writer’s room, you’ll also a community of writers you can depend on, and a draft of a professional grade spec script or pilot episode for your own TV series.

One-On-One Mentorship From A Teacher You Can Trust

In addition to your work in class, you’ll get a one-on-one consultation with your showrunner and teacher, Jerome Perzigian, to discuss the unique challenges of your script and the goals for your career.

With more than 25 years of Hollywood experience, Jerome has been a showrunner, writer, and producer on some of the most successful half-hour series in history, including “The Jeffersons,” “The Golden Girls,” “Frasier,” “The Nanny,” and “Married…with Children.”

Now, he brings a lifetime of experience directly to you as your teacher, showrunner, mentor and coach.

What About The Online Option?

You can be a part of our TV Writing Classes from anywhere in the world, through a live two way video stream! All you need is a computer, a headset, and a high speed internet connection. You’ll be able to see, hear and participate in everything, just like being in the room!

Need A Payment Plan? Just Ask.

We like working with artists, and are happy to figure out a payment plan that fits your budget. Just reserve your spot with a $150 deposit above. You can either pay off the balance after the first class, or space out your payments in smaller installments. For more info or to set up a plan, give us a call at 917-464-3594.


  1. :

    Jerry is a laugh riot. And it helps that he’s also an extraordinary teacher. Definitely will be taking this one again :)

  2. :

    Jerry helped me to create an outline properly, I had no idea before this class and now I do!

  3. :

    This class was so much fun and very productive! I got continuous feedback which helped me focus and then I was able to give that back to my fellow classmates.

  4. :

    Jerry is a wonderful teacher, his stories about the business could be a comedy on its own! He’s so helpful with writing, breaking down the story and the constant encouragement made me feel like I could make this a career!

  5. :

    Jerry taught me how to create a nd use an outline, he got me to keep asking ‘what if’ and that really pushed me into writing. He’s great, it was awesome seeing how quickly he generates ideas.

  6. :

    Jerry is awesome! A great mind who is brilliant with a true understanding of the craft. He is always on the writer’s side! He helped me specifically with timing and banter!

  7. :

    I loved learning the steps towards writing a full script! I really appreciated Jerry’s feedback, I feel that he helped me organized my thoughts.

  8. :

    I loved meeting everyone, even the instructor was great!

  9. :

    Working with Jerry and the group gave me perspective on my writing and helped me to make it better! Jerry’s anecdotal stories were both informative and entertaining!

  10. :

    I loved getting feedback about my storyline, and the joke placement really brought it together!

  11. :

    Jerry is insightful and funny, works with me to create better timing and hones my ideas!

  12. :

    I would tell anyone who wants to write comedic television to take this class! Jerry will help you understand the elements better and help you to write quicker!

  13. :

    Jerry is a great teacher with valuable insight!

  14. :

    Jerry is great! He teaches collaborative structure, be prepared to be open minded!

  15. :

    I love everything about Jerry– his stories, collaboration, teaching, and format. You WANT to take this class!

  16. :

    Jerry is fabulous! The camaraderie you make with everyone is fabulous and supportive. Plus Jerry cares about you and your work!

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