The TV Drama Workshop

The TV Drama Workshop


10 Week Writer's Room Experience
Available in NYC or Online

Includes Free One-on-One Consultation


Wednesday Nights | 7 - 10pm EST | Jul 25 - Oct 3 (no class Sept 19) with Katie Torpey

Tuesday Nights | 7 - 10pm EST | Sept 25 - Dec 11 (no class Oct 9 and Nov 20) with Katie Torpey

The only class of its kind, run like a real TV writer's room on a drama series, taught by a writer with over 15 years of TV experience.

You'll not only get to write your own episode pilot, but learn the skills you need to work with showrunners, producers, and other writers when you get your big shot!



Welcome To The Writer’s Room

More than just a writing class, our TV Drama workshop gives you the experience of a real writer’s room on a 1 hour TV Drama series, with a teacher with over 15 years of television experience, acting as showrunner for a class of 12 talented student staff writers.

You’ll not only complete an hour-long pilot or spec script for a TV Drama series of your choice, you’ll also collaborate on the development of your fellow students scripts for a different show each week..

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn the elements of a successful TV Drama series, and how to write a series pilot or series spec script that shows off your talent as a writer, but also your ability to demonstrate your professionalism to every network, studio, and series producer who reads it.

By the time you’re done, you’ll not only have real world experience of working in a TV writer’s room, you’ll also a community of writers you can depend on, and a draft of a professional grade spec script or pilot episode for your own Television Series.

One-On-One Mentorship From A Teacher You Can Trust

Katie Torpey is an award-winning TV Writer, Screenwriter & Director, who has worked with countless studios and networks including Fox, ABC, Disney, Saban, CBS, and Hulu. Her experience on both sides of the writers room, as a Head Writer, Show Creator, Staff Writer, and Director allows her to guide her students not only on how to succeed in the industry but also how to write for self-production in both traditional and digital platforms.

What About The Online Option?

You can be a part of our TV Writing Classes from anywhere in the world, through a live two way video stream! All you need is a computer, a headset, and a high speed internet connection. You’ll be able to see, hear and participate in everything, just like being in the room!

Need A Payment Plan? Just Ask.

We like working with artists, and are happy to figure out a payment plan that fits your budget. Just select the standard plan below, or  give us a call at 917-464-3594 to set up a custom plan.

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