Screenplay Format

Screenplay Format



Mastering Formatting, Action and Dialogue for Aspiring Professional Screenwriters


Wondering why your screenplay isn't getting the success it deserves? Or not sure where to start? Master the execution of your screenplay through advanced formatting, hypnotic actions and tactic-based dialogue.

- 6+ Hour Video on Demand Screenplay Format Seminar: Mastering Formatting, Action and Dialogue.
- Our 42 page workbook on common screenwriting mistakes and how to correct them.
- A free 45 minute one-on-one formatting consultation on 5-10 pages of your writing. (A staff member will contact you shortly after your purchase to schedule your session)


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What’s the Number One Reason A Screenplay Gets Rejected?

Not your character, not your structure, not your idea, not your age and not even your talent as a writer. Most screenplays get rejected before they’re even read-after one look at the first few pages (or the old reliable flip test).

You wouldn’t walk into a job interview looking like you just rolled out of bed. But many screenwriters do just that with their screenplays, slaving for years to craft the perfect story, only to submit a draft to producers that reads like it’s still in its pajamas.

Make Your Script Professional

The best format for a successful screenplay is not something imposed upon a script. Rather, it grows out of the needs of the individual script. That’s why a Charlie Kaufman script reads so much different than a Coen Brothers script, and even why there can be such strong variations even among scripts by the same writer.

Generating the right format and style for your script can help you to locate the essential elements of each scene, and bring them to the surface so that everyone can appreciate them. It means delivering information in a way that even a skimming coverage reader can’t miss it. And it means making your writing so compelling that once someone starts reading, there’s no stopping them from finishing.

Learn More Than Just The Rules

Writing a professional script is about more than just picking up a copy of The Hollywood Standard. It’s about learning to think in format: telling your movie in the images and the cuts, the pacing and the montage, and creating an experience on the page that not only looks like a screenplay, but also captures the feelings an audience is going to have as they watch the film on screen.

The best screenplay format, dialogue and action doesn’t just tell the reader what’s happening. It conjures the experience of the film. So the reader doesn’t just read your script. They actually see it.

An Online Workshop With A Personal Touch

Get 7+ hours of online video instruction, a 42 page workbook, and a free 45 minute one-on-one consultation with one of our professional writing coaches. Learn on your own time and on your own schedule, and then get live, personalized feedback on 5-10 pages of your writing, to integrate what you’ve learned, and take your writing to the next level. All you need is a computer and a broadband internet connection.

Don’t Just Get It Right. Make it GREAT.


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    This was a great seminar! I want to create another 20 pages!

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