Mastering The Rewrite: Theme

Mastering The Rewrite: Theme


Mastering The Rewrite: THEME

With Jessica Hinds

Are you lost in your rewrite? Bring order to the chaos, by mastering the key to any successful rewrite: theme. Learn the power of theme to focus your rewrite, navigate challenging development meetings and confusing feedback, and create a script that takes your character and audience on the most profound journey possible.




You’ll Learn:
– What makes a powerful theme and how to discover yours!
– How theme can lead you to character, hook, journey and structure in your rewrite.
– Common causes of how rewrites go wrong, and how to use theme to resolve them.
– How to use theme to distinguish between helpful ideas and those that only distract.
– How to use theme to keep your energy focused at each phase of your rewrite.
– How to master the rewrite, using theme as your guide!
– Plus many other rewriting tips!

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