The Outline and the Beat Sheet

The Outline and the Beat Sheet


Video-on-Demand Workshop
*Includes FREE One-on-One Consultation

Video-on-Demand with Joe Gilford

Invite the editing brain to the table.  Learn the advanced techniques to develop an outline for your screenplay, without sacrificing your voice as a writer.


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wBuild Your Outline Organically

Everybody knows an outline can be a vital tool for developing the structure of a screenplay, and a necessary requirement when working with producers and directors. But how do you outline a screenplay without losing touch with your instincts, or following the same old tired formulas?  In this workshop with award winning screenwriter Joe Gilford, you’ll learn a new approach to outlining that begins with character and grows organically from your unique voice as a writer.

Home in On Your Hook

If you want your script to get noticed, you need a catchy hook.  But the best hooks often don’t come from where you think.  Learn how an outline can be used to bring your real hook to the surface and grab the attention of your reader from the very first page.

Find Your Structure

Now that you know the fundamentals of Seven Act Structure, it’s time to get deep.  Using some of the best films ever made as models, you’ll learn how to break your character’s journey into manageable chunks so you can stop feeling lost, and build a structure that carries both youyour and your characters to the finish line.

Learn What To Cut & What To Keep

Outlining is not just a tool for developing structure, it can also be one of the most powerful revision tools in your arsenal. Learn how your outline can focus your revision, by helping you to determine what’s working, and what’s not, and to bring the most powerful elements of your story to the surface.

Stay In Touch With Your Instincts

When done right, outlining is not just about plot. It’s about harnessing your instincts as a writer, and shaping your raw creativity into the most powerful form possible. You’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes that many writers make when outlining, and to build the kind of outline you need to serve your unique project and your unique voice.

Includes FREE One-on-One Consultation

When you complete the Video-on-Demand portion of the workshop, you’ll receive a FREE One-on-One Consultation with a Professional Writer (Value $200) to discuss your outline, and get personalized, one-on-one feedback on your project.



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