How to Outline A Screenplay

How to Outline A Screenplay



With Jacob Krueger

Is your outline driving you crazy? Have you changed your plot a hundred times and still don’t know if it’s good enough to write? Are you wondering how to use an outline as a structural tool, without cutting yourself off from your characters, losing touch with your instincts, or reducing your brilliant idea into some kind of paint-by-numbers formula? This seminar can help.





In this seminar with Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger, you’ll learn:

  • – An organic approach to outlining a script that serves your unique voice, rather than the other way around.
  • – How to know when your outline is working (and when it’s not!) And how to know when it’s time to start writing.
  • – The difference between plot and structure, and how this common confusion can get in the way of success in your outline and your script!
  • – The right times and the right ways to bring an outline into your writing process without cutting yourself off from your characters and your instincts.
  • – The different kinds of outlines, and which ones can best serve your project at each phase of writing.
  • – When to follow your outline, and when to strike out on a new path.
  • – The common mistakes that writers of all levels make when outlining, and how to avoid them!
  • – An introduction to 7 Act Structure as an Outlining Technique!

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