Meditative Writing – Level 2



10 Week Writing Workshop
Available in NYC or Online.

Includes Free One-on-One Consultation


-Tuesday Nights 7-10 pm EST Feb 13 - Apr 17 with Jessica Hinds

Over 10 weeks of extended meditations, you’ll build an advanced Meditative Writing practice that allows full scenes, arcs, songs and stories emerge effortlessly onto the page, in format and within the meditative state.

Designed for writers of all genres, including Screenwriters, Playwrights, Poets, Songwriters, Memoirists, Novelists & Short Story Writers.

Prerequisite: Meditative Writing - Level 1


Take your Meditative Writing practice to the next level, learning to develop elements of structure and form within your Meditative Writing, without breaking the Meditative State.

Each session begins with an extended meditation, followed by a deep series of carefully crafted Meditative Writing exercises, designed to focus your practice and your writing from the stream of consciousness you experienced in Level 1, to a fully integrated approach to connected and truthful writing.

Over 10 weeks, you’ll build an advanced Meditative Writing practice that allows full scenes, arcs, songs and stories emerge effortlessly onto the page, in format and within the meditative state.

Prerequisite: Meditative Writing Level 1.
Appropriate for Screenwriters, TV and Web Series Writers, Playwrights, Novelists, Memoirists, Non-Fiction Writers, Short Story Writers, Poets, Musicians and Creative Writers in any other genre.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Develop a consistent Meditative Writing practice for any kind of writing
  • Extended meditations that deepen your connection to the unconscious
  • Learn to drop into the meditative state with ease, even when you’re not feeling inspired.
  • Infuse elements of structure and form into your Meditative Writing without breaking the Meditative State
  • Create full scenes, arcs and stories effortlessly within the Meditative Process
  • Achieve hundreds of pages of connected writing
  • Gain connection with and build consistent relationships with your characters
  • Develop ideas and material for future projects for years to come
  • Enhance your Meditative Listening skills
  • Discover an approach to discover compelling truth anywhere and capture it dramatically in your writing
  • Hear your true voice, growing a trust and appreciation for yourself as an artist without the need for modification or excuses
  • Feed your beast of success
  • Build community and trust with your fellow writers as you explore the collective unconscious together.

Should I Take This Class in NYC or Online?

Writing classes are about trust, community, and real-time give and take between student and teacher, so we’ve designed our online classes give our online students the same personalized experience as the students in the room.  Attend in NYC or from anywhere in the world. Our LIVE video stream allows you to see and hear everything as if you were with us in person.  You can even ask questions via our online chat and get them answered instantly by the instructor.  Plus, we keep video-on-demand replays of every session online for a full month after the class ends, available for both NYC and Online students, so you can watch and rewatch them on your own time and your own schedule.  All you need is a computer and a high speed internet connection.

What If I Have To Miss A Class?

As with all courses at Jacob Krueger Studio, you never have to worry about missing a class, no matter how busy your schedule.  Whether you take Meditative Writing in NYC or online, you’ll have access to unlimited video replays for a full month after the class ends, so you can watch and rewatch anytime, from anywhere in the world, and use these techniques every time you sit down to write.


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