How to Write Dialogue That Doesn’t Suck

How to Write Dialogue That Doesn’t Suck



With Jessica Hinds

Are you struggling to find that unforgettable line, capture that unique voice, or even just get a single line of believable dialogue onto the page? Do you tremble in fear when you think about writing dialogue, or worry that you don't have the right "ear" to make it work? Do you find your character's turning into talking heads, saying word after word without driving the story forward? Not anymore.

In this special seminar with Jessica Hinds, you'll learn how to get dialogue onto the page in a way that captures your unique voice as a writer. You'll learn what dialogue really is... and what it isn't... and how the best dialogue is not just "the words your character says" but an intuitive form of structure you can access in an instant.

With a few simple exercises, before you'll know it, you'll learn how to write awesome dialogue that reveals character, moves your story forward, and helps your screenplay stand out from the pack!


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