How to Win Contests & Influence Producers

How to Win Contests & Influence Producers



Video On Demand Seminar

With Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger

Learn what contests, producers, coverage readers, agents, managers, directors and stars are really looking for when they read your screenplay, and how to turn your script into a contest winner and a sales machine.


Wondering what it takes to win a contest, get past a coverage reader, or get that first screenplay sale?

This seminar was recorded live and now available to you in Video On Demand. In this seminar, with WGA Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger, you’ll learn what contest readers, coverage readers and producers are looking for in a script by a new writer, and simple tricks that distinguish your script from the competition and help you advance in contests and your career.

You’ll learn:

– Simple tricks to grab your readers from the very first page.
– The 3 elements winning screenplays all have in common.
– The 5 mistakes that can sink a great script– and how you can avoid them!
– How to convert your first 10 pages into a sales machine.
– The 5 things readers are looking for, and how to integrate them into your script.
– 3 simple tips to write for the inner eye of your reader, so they stop skimming and start seeing.
– The most important page in your script (it’s probably not the one you think!)
– And much, much more.

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