7 Act Structure Seminar

With Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger


Oscar Worthy Structure

Award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger breaks down the structure of this year's Academy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay, Her.


Great Screenplays Defy The Formulas

Like its fellow Academy Award nominated screenplays, Spike Jonze’s 2014 Best Original Screenplay, Her, seems to completely break the rules described by so many screenwriting books.

But what it shares with all successful scripts is powerful structure, that pulls an audience into their character’s world and will not let them go.

Learn An Organic Approach To Your Own Screenwriting

In this groundbreaking seminar, award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger will help you move beyond the tired formulas that are holding back your writing, by understanding the powerful organic approach used by Hollywood’s best writers.

You’ll not only learn the underlying structure of this year’s Academy Award winning script, Her, but also discover a new way of thinking about the structure of your own screenplays, and the journeys of your own most compelling characters.


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