New Page Submission System


For Protrack, One-on-One & In-Class Workshops

Please don’t submit your pages here!

You will receive an email 7 days before your session, with a unique link you can use to upload your pages.

You’ll be emailed a different link for each session, which will automatically identify your session date and all your information to speed up the process for you, and allow us to get your pages to your teacher more quickly.

Need Help? Didn’t Get The Email? Contact us or call 917-464-4594.

Why the new system? This new system allows us to automatically identify the exact session date, teacher and student for every page submission, allowing us to automatically speed your pages directly to your teacher while avoiding the errors and delays that plagued the old manual system.  It also means a far quicker experience for you when filling out the form, as the link fills out most of your information for you. We think you’re going to love it!