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What’s the Number One Reason A Screenplay Gets Rejected?

Not your character, not your structure, not your idea, not your dialogue and not even your talent as a writer. Most screenplays get rejected before they’re even read-after one look at the formatting.

You wouldn’t walk into a job interview looking like you just rolled out of bed. But many screenwriters do just that with their screenplays, slaving for years to craft the perfect story, only to submit a draft to producers that reads like it’s still in its pajamas.

Make Your Script Professional With Our PROFESSIONAL FORMATTING BOOTCAMP.

The best format is not something imposed upon a screenplay. Rather, it grows out of the needs of the individual script. That’s why a Charlie Kaufman script reads so much different than a Coen Brothers script, and even why there can be such strong variations even among scripts by the same writer.

Generating the right format for your script can help you to locate the essential elements of each scene, and bring them to the surface so that everyone can appreciate them. It means delivering information in a way that even a skimming coverage reader can’t miss it. And it means making your writing so compelling that once someone starts reading, there’s no stopping them from finishing.

Learn More Than Just The Rules

Writing a professional script is about more than just picking up a copy of The Hollywood Standard. It’s about learning to think in format: telling your movie in the images and the cuts, the pacing and the montage, and creating an experience on the page that not only looks like a screenplay, but also captures the feelings an audience is going to have as they watch the film on screen.

The best screenplay format doesn’t just tell the reader what’s happening. It conjures the experience of the film. So the reader doesn’t just read your script. They actually see it.

Whether you’re still figuring out the difference between INT. and EXT. or trying to properly capture the most complex visual sequence, this full day bootcamp will teach you how to approach your script like a professional, so you can stop seeing format as an obstacle and start seeing it as part of your art as a screenwriter.

An Online Workshop With A Personal Touch

Get 7+ hours of online video instruction, a 42 page formatting workbook, and a free 45 minute one-on-one formatting consultation with one of our professional writing coaches. Learn on your own time and on your own schedule, and then get live, personalized feedback on 5-10 pages of your writing, to integrate what you’ve learned, and take your writing to the next level. All you need is a computer and a broadband internet connection.

Don’t Just Get It Right. Make it GREAT.


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Jessica Hinds is the real deal… she understands writing and writers and does not mess around. She has the special ability to get to the truth of a character and a scene, and she is brilliant at crafting story. Working with her certainly made me a better writer.”
– Brendan Clifford, Writer “After Lately” & “Little Bush”

“With [Jess] I’ve always felt the deep pleasure of collaborating with someone of genuine seriousness and dedication. Actors find her work challenging and emotionally nurturing and her colleagues appreciate her deep commitment to the truth.”
– Christopher Shinn, Pulitzer Prize Nominated Playwright

“An artist of unusual skill, sensitivity and motivation. In her writing, Jessica has consistently challenged herself to probe the most difficult and complex aspects of the lives of her characters. She is also an excellent collaborator, who holds her fellow artists in high regard – she is both inspired by and inspiring to directors and actors.”
-Pippin Parker, Co-Founder of Naked Angels theater Company

“Jessica is a stunningly talented, incredibly driven writer whose work examines a broad range of themes. She is prolific, professional, and proactive in getting her work off the page and into production. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and learn from, and is, in a word, inspiring.”
– Will Trichon, Writer/Performer

“Jessica is a wonderful colleague: specific in her notes, thoughtful in her assessment, and genuine in her desire to understand what the work is striving to be before offering feedback. Jessica is a truly exciting writer, and great to work with – collaborative, passionate and rigorous.”
– Tamara Fisch, Director

“One of Jessica’s greatest strengths is her exceptional understanding of the craft of storytelling; her ability to utilize structure, character, and the word with such grace and ease.”
-Elizabeth Carlson, Director

“As a filmmaker, I had the great pleasure to work with Jessica Hinds… for [her] talent not only as a screenwriter, but also as a dialoguist… [and the] imagination and culture which [she] brings out in her work and the project we worked on… I so strongly recommend her for ambitious artistical projects.”
– Morgan Cini, Réalisateur (Film Director)

“Jessica asks a tremendous amount of those around her but never more than she herself offers. Jessica is a complete artist who has never been afraid to work outside her comfort zone.”
-John Hurley, Director/Actor


JESSICA HINDS is a screenwriter, playwright and lyricist from Contra Costa County California. She is the author of the award winning short “Stranger at Home” and has been a finalist in over a dozen major competitions and festivals including the prestigious O’Neill Conference (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012) and the 2009 Heidman Award. She received her MFA in Dramatic Writing from the New School for Drama. Jessica currently lives, writes and paints in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.


New York, NY
Email: [email protected]
Call: 917.464.3594

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