Raising Arizona: 7 Act Structure Seminar


Comedy Through Structure

7 Act Structure Seminar With Jacob Krueger


Writing a great comedy is about more than just funny jokes, it’s about the structure underneath those jokes that allows them to land for the audience. Using Raising Arizona as a model, you'll learn how to find the underlying structure in your own writing, and organically bring it to the surface in a way that drives your character’s journey, and makes your audience laugh, and sometimes even cry for your characters.


An old adage in the comedy world reminds comedy writers that “comedy is just tragedy without empathy.”  And there’s a lot of truth in that statement.  So often, when writers try to write comedies, they make the mistake of thinking that the funny comes from the jokes.

But if you look closely at the truly great comedies like Raising Arizona, you’ll see that the real source of great comedy is not the jokes at all, but the structure underneath them, that allows us to care about, root for, and laugh with and at the characters.

In fact, the underlying structure of a great comedy is simply a very specific style of execution of the same structural principles that are used to build a script in any other genre.

In this 7 Act Structure Seminar with award winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger, you’ll use Raising Arizona as a model to learn how to find those structural elements in your own screenplay, and to organically build the structure you need to land your jokes, and make your audience laugh, and sometimes even cry for your characters.

In this way, you’ll learn to write a screenplay that, like Raising Arizona, not only demonstrates the old adage about comedy, but possibly even transcends it, making your audience laugh not only without empathy, but also with it, by creating truthful characters that they can not only root for, but also come to love.


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